Roller shutters

Keep your private life in and noise out with roller shutters

Steven and Cindy were living in an apartment with old roller shutters. When they moved to a newbuild house, they had Harol roller shutters installed and today they are appreciating the real value of their choice. Better insulation, more privacy and less loud pop music. And their foster child is sharing in their enjoyment.
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Easy installation on existing windows with surface-mounted roller shutters

Until the beginning of 2021, Steven and Cindy lived in an apartment on a busy road. The roller shutters did not close properly, which meant that as well as the cool air, they had to live with the street noise.

Now, they live in a new-build in a quiet neighbourhood. This time they had Harol roller shutters fitted. Cindy did not want to compromise on convenience and comfort. The high-quality roller shutters also have obvious added benefits for their two-year-old foster child.

Steven and Cindy specifically chose surface-mounted roller shutters. It was the easiest option, as the windows had already been fitted and surface-mounted roller shutters do not require any further building work. Once they are fully raised, the shutters cannot be seen from the living room. This is because they are fixed to the outside wall. And when they’re both enjoying the winter sun on their terrace, the shutter boxes are not obvious. Steven is impressed with how small these boxes are. Steven: You would hardly believe that a roller shutter fits in that box. They chose a grey tint for the box and frame colour, which matches the paving on the terrace beautifully. That makes for a perfect finish.

If their foster child feels like a daytime nap, Steven and Cindy let down the roller shutters without a sound

The little one can then sleep in a darkened living room. For Steven and Cindy, who don’t take a nap in the afternoon, there are slits at the bottom of the roller shutters to subtly let in some daylight. The slits at the bottom of the slats are a useful detail that can prevent painful contact between toes and table legs.

Letting the roller shutters down again in the evening brings with it a sense of security

The garden was recently landscaped, so the plants are still small seedlings providing no privacy from the street. Fortunately, it was quicker to install roller shutters than to wait for nature to do the job. After just one day’s work the whole family was able to enjoy their privacy.

No hedge can beat the speed of a Harol specialist. Steven and Cindy appreciate a quiet environment. This is why they moved. It now appears that their village is sometimes transformed into a very festive town. It so happens that the village is renowned for its party venue. Popular singers are regularly invited to liven up the parties. People from far and wide come to the venue. Thankfully, Harol roller shutters provide sufficient soundproofing for people who do not appreciate that kind of popular music. This keeps the foster child’s musical tastes intact until it’s a little older.

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