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Innovative Coolscreen from Harol wins Red Dot Award for product design

2022 was a grand cru year for Harol in terms of innovative design. For example, one of our awnings won no less than two design awards. Our Lux won the Archiproducts Design Award 2022 and was awarded the Red Dot Award. And this year? Our design is once again winning prizes. This time not a specific product, but an entire line. Our new Coolscreen concept takes natural cooling to an even higher level, and they saw that in Essen, Germany. Our new generation of blinds receives the Red Dot Award again. The award was officially presented on 19 June. An award that highlights the smart functionality, durable design and strong technology of our solutions. 
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Sustainable eco-design with an eye to the future

Why does the Coolscreen collection really deserve that award? The latest screens are more sustainable than ever before. They provide a natural buffer against overheating (or cold in winter), combining less energy consumption and more comfort – such as great shade creation with different levels of light transmission and less acoustic resonance.

From the outset, we have focused on eco-design. This means that we develop our products with a minimum number of parts for a maximum number of installation solutions. Furthermore, the assembly is completely ‘clickable’, which means that no glue is used, and all parts can be easily dismantled at the end of the life cycle and reused within the circular economy.

Proud, prouder, proudest

And are we happy about that! CEO Annick Draelants: “We are extremely proud that the Harol product range has gained another Red Dot Award! As an innovative player in natural cooling, we like to offer sustainable solutions that blend into their surroundings. The Coolscreen collection represents a new generation of screens where we not only block out the sun in an energy-efficient way, but also focus on sustainable design from the start. This award is therefore a nice pat on the back for our efforts in terms of innovation, design and sustainability. Our future-oriented vision pays off.”

The design of the Coolscreen concept

The Coolscreen concept is conceived as a modular kit consisting of a bottom rail, two separable side rails with functional click system, a middle rail and two cabinet models (round and square). Sounds simple, but so packed with innovation. This collection is a total concept that offers a suitable solution for every building need. For instance, it can be placed in front of the window, in the cavity or on glass curtain walls. To make the story even more sustainable, you can also opt for solar-powered operation. By means of a solar panel and a hugely powerful battery, the screen thus fully meets its own energy needs.

  • Placement in front of the window
    • with compact round or square cabinet with zip system
    • with narrow window profiles and corner solutions with round or square cabinet with cable routing
    • solar-powered
    • with LED lighting for more privacy, security and atmosphere
  • Installation on glass curtain walls with ‘Protect Glass’ mounting profile that eliminates the risk of glass breakage
  • Invisible installation in the cavity without a construction node for passive and BEN houses

As always, every Harol Coolscreen has minimal fabric wear and quiet operation thanks to the optimised Harol X-Glide Technology. The minimalist design of the case and the guides – screwless and including a bottom bar that disappears (partially) into the case – is a valuable aesthetic asset that offers designers numerous creative possibilities. An important aspect, because we naturally respond not only to functionality but also to aesthetic design. It is precisely this combination that makes our solutions absolute masterpieces.