Solar shading

Veranda or conservatory awnings

Discover the perfection of Harol’s veranda awnings and enjoy your veranda, skylight or rooflight in comfort. The sleek design and compact boxes always ensure the ideal level of shade, effective temperature regulation and powerful UV protection. With the option of blackout blinds, this tailor-made, flexible solution offers protection for flat and inclined glazed surfaces. Harol’s veranda sun canopies take both comfort and style to new heights.

Unique benefits of veranda sun blinds

Temperature control

Veranda or conservatory awnings offer effective protection against excessive sun and heat, maintaining a pleasant indoor temperature, even on hot days.

UV protection

The fabric used for a veranda sun canopy is designed to filter damaging UV rays, ensuring furniture is not discoloured by the sun.

Privacy and ambiance

Veranda awnings not only create a shaded environment, but also offer a degree of privacy, allowing residents and guests to enjoy their veranda area in peace.

Harol veranda sun canopies, a smart investment

Veranda awnings from Harol combine stylish design with functional shade, while the sleek boxes add a contemporary touch. The innovative ZIP system ensures complete blackout by eliminating light penetration between guide rail and fabric. This flexible and tailor-made solution is suitable for both flat and inclined glazing, making it ideal for various architectural applications, including large windows. At Harol, customisation is vital and every millimetre counts. Every veranda sun canopy is made-to-measure for your home with great care and professionally installed by specialists with many years of experience.

Why choose a veranda sun canopy from Harol?

  • Sustainable, high-quality materials
  • Tailor-made for each home
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Perfect blackout possible
  • Electric or solar powered
  • Ideal for large expanses of glass
  • Produced in Belgium
  • 75 years of craftsmanship

Solar-powered veranda awning

No building or electrical work is required for VZ080 Solar so the installation process can go without a hitch. This veranda sun canopy works on a powerful 2.2 Ah battery, fully driven by green, solar energy. A charged battery will open and close the shutter 2 times per day for 30 days, even in total darkness. With dimensions up to 5 m2, the VZ080-ZIP Solar offers superior protection against overheating as the seamless connection between guide rail and fabric ensures complete blackout and effectively regulates the indoor temperature.

Solar-powered veranda awning

Why natural cooling

Our mission statement, “We Believe in Natural Cooling,” lies at the heart of all our efforts. We consider smart solar shading to be the most natural and energy-efficient way to block heat. Compare it to a tree providing shade: just as you seek natural cooling under the branches of a tree, sun protection keeps the sun out and your home, patio and workplace pleasantly cool. It offers natural air conditioning for your home which is healthy but also environmentally-friendly.


  • Savings on your energy bill
  • Passive cooling in the summer
  • Insulation in the winter
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