Roller shutters

Flush-mounted roller shutters

Energy efficiency is a priority with Harol flush-mounted roller blinds, which not only offer privacy and cooling, but also excellent insulation. Thanks to their complete integration in the cavity wall, the roller blind box and guides are invisible. Furthermore, the positioning in the cavity wall eliminates thermal bridges, resulting in an energy-efficient solution without any form of heat loss. Want to optimise the energy performance of your home? Choose Harol flush-mounted roller blinds, the ideal solution for a comfortable, energy-efficient environment!

Unique benefits of Harol’s flush-mounted roller blinds

Ideal for new-build projects

A unique benefit of our flush-mounted roller blinds is the perfect fit with new-build projects. The sleek integration with various box sizes offers architects complete freedom with designs, making the roller blinds ideal for seamless integration with your new home.

Eliminate thermal bridges with unparalleled insulation

The flush-mounted roller blinds with our innovative cavity wall technique prevent energy loss, resulting in considerable savings on energy costs, both in winter and summer. An ideal choice for passive and almost energy-neutral buildings.

Durable materials

The flush-mounted roller blind, made of high-quality, recycled aluminium, integrates beautifully with the outside of your home. Choose from diverse, robust slat types and colours which suit your personal taste. You also have the option to select slats with or without light slots, depending on your preferences.

Excellent ease of use, maximum sustainability

Electric flush-mounted roller blinds

Electric flush-mounted roller blinds from Harol offer ultimate ease and comfort through simple operation via just one press of a button or using a handy remote control. These roller blinds can be seamlessly integrated into automated systems, such as home automation systems. As a result, they can be programmed to open or close at specific times, which not only contributes to an improved sense of security during holidays or absence, but also increases energy efficiency. With our electric flush-mounted roller blinds, you can enjoy ultimate comfort and simultaneously support a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability guaranteed

Harol’s flush-mounted roller blinds, designed meticulously and manufactured using top-quality materials and advanced technology, are a sustainable choice. The use of materials such as aluminium, known for its strength and durable properties, emphasises this aspect. Our roller blinds are also equipped with an efficient coating that prevents bleaching or discolouration due to long term exposure to the sun. Rigorous tests ensure that our products fulfil the European standards for wind resistance and other stress factors. This combination of factors guarantees that the flush-mounted roller blinds from Harol will provide many years of service.

Our flush-mounted roller blinds also offer a range of benefits:

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Sound insulation
  3. Sun protection
  4. Safety and privacy
  5. Protection against weather
  6. Easy integration
  7. Ease of operation
  8. Increased value of the property
Sustainability in action

Flush-mounted roller blinds on solar power

Make a conscious choice with our flush-mounted roller blinds which use solar energy. The innovative design from Harol runs entirely on solar energy and delivers an impressive performance, even during less favourable weather conditions. The battery, with an excellent storage capacity of 2.2 Ah, allows the flush-mounted roller blind to be operated for 30 days, even in complete darkness. The solar panel is secured discretely to the outside of the building.

Choose sustainability and enjoy not only an environmentally-friendly solution but make savings on your energy bill too. The effortless installation process requires no construction or electrical work. The flush-mounted roller blinds are fitted with RTS or IO control, which can be seamlessly integrated with the IO home control system for home automation. Take the step to solar energy and experience the perfect combination of comfort and sustainability.

Why natural cooling

Our mission statement, “We Believe in Natural Cooling,” lies at the heart of all our efforts. We consider smart solar shading to be the most natural and energy-efficient way to block heat. Compare it to a tree providing shade: just as you seek natural cooling under the branches of a tree, sun protection keeps the sun out and your home, patio and workplace pleasantly cool. It offers natural air conditioning for your home which is healthy but also environmentally-friendly.


  • Savings on your energy bill
  • Passive cooling in the summer
  • Insulation in the winter
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