Natural Cooling

Natural cooling for a greener future

Our world is getting warmer, and buildings are more affected by the heat than ever. By 2050, experts predict that we will need 30% more air conditioning, which is not good for our energy bills and the environment.

Fortunately, an independent study from Guidehouse offers hopeful insights. If we choose sun protection instead of air conditioning, together we can:

• Reduce energy consumption for cooling by up to 60% by 2050.
• Reduce pollution by 58%, avoiding tons of harmful greenhouse gases.
• Reduce European energy costs by as much as 286 billion euros by 2050.

What does natural cooling mean to you?

  • Savings on costs thanks to significantly less energy consumption compared to artificial cooling.
  • Protection against harmful sun rays for you and your home.
  • Increasing living comfort with less chance of overheating.
  • Increase in the value of your real estate through the improved energy performance of your building.

Choose natural cooling with Harol and contribute to a sustainable future for all of us.

What is natural cooling?

Think of sun protection on your home like a tree that provides shade. Just as you look for coolness under the branches of a tree, sun screens ensure that the sun stays out and your house stays nice and cool. It is like a natural air conditioner for your home, healthy and sustainable!

Why it is best to choose natural cooling

Natural cooling not only gives you, but also the environment a fresh boost! With Harol’s cooling solutions you not only experience comfort, but you also contribute to sustainability, energy savings and a healthy living environment. Enjoy in style all year round!


Our solutions are energy efficient and promote a CO2-neutral environment.

Lower energy costs

By blocking out the sun in an energy-efficient way, you improve the energy performance of your home.

Better health

Sun protection keeps heat and harmful UV radiation out, which contributes to a healthier living environment.

Pleasant living space

Harol sun screens not only provide cooling in the summer, but also keep the heat in during the winter.

Enjoy cooling comfort

Protect your family from global warming and discover sustainable ways to keep your home and patio cool. Prevent lethargy and disturbed sleep due to a house that is too hot. With our sun screens, roller shutters and patio solutions, a modern solution for a heated world, we offer tailor-made cooling. Discover the many benefits of sun protection as a sustainable method to create coolness and shade. Read all about it in our free brochure.

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Provide standard sun protection on windows facing east, south and west, which provides natural cooling

Professor Shady Attia
Civil engineer, architect and professor of sustainable architecture at the University of Liège

Harol, pioneer in natural cooling

Harol has been committed to natural cooling since 1946, where we keep heat out of homes and create a comfortable living environment. In our early days, wooden shutters kept the sun at bay. Nowadays we offer innovative total solutions for both new construction and renovation, with which we continue to contribute to a pleasant indoor climate.

Sustainability is in our DNA

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond developing innovative solutions and extends to various initiatives such as our own wind turbine, almost energy neutral offices, waste recycling and many other sustainable practices. It is at the heart of everything we do at Harol.

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E-book about natural cooling

At Harol, natural cooling is our driving force and the main motivation behind everything we do. What are the consequences of climate change for us as humans and our biodiversity? Is there still hope to turn this tide, and if so, how can we do that? Discover in our e-book how natural cooling is part of the solution to an energy-neutral society.

Take an important step towards greater sustainability and download our e-book now.

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