Decorative walls for pergolas

Discover the versatility of decorative walls for your pergola or garden awning! These walls fulfil various functions, improving atmosphere and functionality within the space. Enjoy enhanced privacy, protection against wind for greater comfort, aesthetic appeal with diverse styles and materials, acoustic insulation for a peaceful environment, the option to define specific rooms, and even the ability to hide unattractive elements.

Unique benefits of decorative walls

Glass sliding walls

Glass sliding walls keep out the wind and cold. So you can turn this space into a real outdoor room, which you can enjoy to the full.

Wooden sliding walls

Wooden sliding walls let you enjoy your outdoor living solution for longer. In addition, they protect against wind and weather and prying eyes. With a wooden wall you can create instant atmosphere and enjoy your privacy to the full!

Wind-resistant screens

You can seamlessly integrate wind-resistant screens in some pergolas. These windproof screens give you protection on all sides. So you can enjoy your outdoor living space, even when the sun is setting.

Benefits of glass sliding walls

  • Protection against wind and driving rain
  • Lockable
  • Toughened safety glass

Benefits of wooden sliding walls

  • Protection against the sun, wind and driving rain
  • Durable, wooden slats
  • The wall is also insect-resistant thanks to optional screen fabric on the outer side
  • Greater privacy
  • Each panel slides separately
Wooden sliding wall WP67

Benefits of screens

  • Wind-resistant
  • Protects against the sun, wind and rain
  • Insect-repelling
  • Greater privacy
  • Set your own view and light level

Why natural cooling

Our mission statement, “We Believe in Natural Cooling,” lies at the heart of all our efforts. We consider smart solar shading to be the most natural and energy-efficient way to block heat. Compare it to a tree providing shade: just as you seek natural cooling under the branches of a tree, sun protection keeps the sun out and your home, patio and workplace pleasantly cool. It offers natural air conditioning for your home which is healthy but also environmentally-friendly.


  • Savings on your energy bill
  • Passive cooling in the summer
  • Insulation in the winter
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