Sustainability is in Harol’s DNA

Carefree enjoyment with a green heart

As the planet warms and we experience more extreme weather events, the impact on our planet and our lives is becoming increasingly apparent. It is becoming increasingly urgent to adapt our homes to the consequences of climate change and to reduce our ecological footprint.

Harol offers part of the solution with various solutions that cool and insulate your home, terrace or office space in a natural and comfortable way. This keeps the indoor and outdoor climate pleasant and reduces the risk of overheating. But it does not stop there.

Natural cooling is also woven into our corporate philosophy, in everything we do and how we do it, both now and in the future.

Natural cooling: energy-friendly cooling

As natural as shade

Our mission, “We Believe in Natural Cooling,” is at the heart of everything we do. We consider sun screens to be the most natural and energy-efficient way to cool your home, comparable to the natural cooling provided by the shade of trees.

Just as you look for coolness under the branches of a tree, sun screens ensure that the sun stays out and your house stays nice and cool. It is like a natural air conditioner for your home: healthy and sustainable.

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Our contribution to a green future

Our future-oriented vision goes beyond the products we make. We also apply our commitment to the environment, our employees and customers to the way we manage our business.

Our own wind turbine, water saving & waste recycling

Harol’s production facilities run on 100% green energy thanks to its own wind turbine. This source of renewable energy enables us to save as much as 3,600 tons of CO₂ emissions every year.

Water is an essential energy source that we use carefully and efficiently. Our production facilities are equipped with recycled water systems, resulting in significantly less water consumption and a reduced environmental impact.

We recycle no less than 99% of our waste. This is the result of close cooperation with a network of dedicated distributors and suppliers.


Natural cooling is inherent in all Harol’s solutions. We designed the Harol Coolscreen with the principle of eco-design in mind. By using a minimum number of parts and a screwless design, we limit the demand for raw materials and supplies, while avoiding glue in the assembly process increases the environmental friendliness of the screens. These sustainable efforts have earned Harol Coolscreen the Archiproducts Sustainability Award. An additional positive aspect of sustainability is that all our roller shutters, screens and veranda sun blinds are also available on solar energy, which contributes to an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

Electric vehicle fleet & bicycle leasing

Our entire Harol fleet consists of 100% hybrid and electric vehicles, with which we embrace a sustainable approach to mobility. In addition, all our vehicles are charged on-site using our own green wind energy.

Our employees who prefer the fresh air benefit from the option of leasing (electric) bicycles through Harol. This scheme not only supports sustainable commuting, but also provides significant health benefits through regular exercise and reducing daily stress.

Green garden

Harol has a beautiful front garden with various plants at the entrance of the building. This green environment not only contributes to an aesthetically attractive entrance, but also promotes air quality and the general well-being of our employees. We have also created a green terrace with a dining area, where our employees can enjoy a relaxing lunch or a refreshing break in the open air.

BEN offices

Our offices are almost energy neutral (BEN), which means that we use minimal energy for heating, ventilation, cooling and hot water. We obtain the energy required for our activities from our own wind turbine and green electricity supply. In addition, the building elements and our furniture consist of recycled materials. As a sustainable alternative to bottled water, we provide everyone with purified tap water.

Sustainable coating

If we take a closer look at our products, we notice that they are finished with a sustainable powder coating in our own environmentally friendly powder coating paint shop. Our paint shop uses recycled water to minimise the environmental impact of the essential treatment. With this, we are taking further steps towards sustainability and environmental awareness.

Respect for people and planet

We actively contribute to the protection of our planet and the efficient use of resources and materials with concrete actions. This makes Harol an environmentally conscious partner for consumers and construction professionals, who strive for sustainable solutions without compromising on quality and comfort.

We also organise various activities to promote well-being at work, ranging from workshops on stress management to fun team-building activities. We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. That too is sustainable entrepreneurship.

Working at Harol

Proud climate ambassador

In 2021, Harol was proudly rewarded as a VOKA Climate Ambassador, in recognition of our commitment to climate neutrality and sustainable entrepreneurship. As a leading climate ambassador within the Flemish network of companies, Harol shows leadership in the pursuit of a greener future.

Voka is our partner in crime when it comes to sustainability, supporting companies like Harol in integrating sustainability into their corporate culture and achieving sustainability goals. A logical step forward is our participation in the VOKA Sustainability Charter, a concrete action plan, in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Every year we undergo a thorough evaluation by a team of independent experts.

This bold plan is something that we at Harol fully believe in and are committed to with great enthusiasm.

E-book about natural cooling

At Harol, natural cooling is our driving force and the main motivation behind everything we do. What are the consequences of climate change for us as humans and our biodiversity? Is there still hope to turn this tide, and if so, how can we do that? Discover in our e-book how natural cooling is part of the solution to an energy-neutral society.

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