Solar shading

Outside venetian blinds

Outside venetian blinds harmonise timeless design with efficient functionality and effortlessly regulate light and heat. The outside venetian blinds offers precise control of light and heat, with flexible adaptations, reflection of UV rays, and a refined design that adds aesthetic value to the outside of any building.


Unique benefits of Harol outside venetian blinds


Outside venetian blinds offer privacy at any time of day both at home and at the office, and add an aesthetically pleasing design element to your home.

Energy efficient

Save on your energy bills throughout the year: heat is kept out during the summer and inside in winter

Choose your sun and light levels

Very efficient: light and sun penetration can be controlled as required. Optimal use of natural daylight, so less need for artificial lighting.


Outside venetian blinds, a smart investment

Discover timeless design and efficient functionality with our outside venetian blinds, which effortlessly regulate light and heat. They add precise control of light and heat, with flexible adaptations, reflection of UV rays, and also add an aesthetic design element to the outside of any building. Enjoy natural cooling and boost the value of your building with our outside venetian blinds.

Why choose Harol outside venetian blinds?

  • Sustainable, high-quality materials
  • Tailor-made for each home
  • Innovative slats
  • Various installation options
  • High performance light control capability
  • Perfect privacy protection
  • Produced in Belgium
  • 75 years of craftsmanship

Why natural cooling

Our mission statement, “We Believe in Natural Cooling,” lies at the heart of all our efforts. We consider smart solar shading to be the most natural and energy-efficient way to block heat. Compare it to a tree providing shade: just as you seek natural cooling under the branches of a tree, sun protection keeps the sun out and your home, patio and workplace pleasantly cool. It offers natural air conditioning for your home which is healthy but also environmentally-friendly.


  • Savings on your energy bill
  • Passive cooling in the summer
  • Insulation in the winter
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