About Harol

Our story

Our story started in 1946, when Harol was a local Belgian family business producing wooden roller shutters. With these roller shutters, we gave people extra warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer. At a time when energy was scarce and expensive, we offered clear advantages: more comfort and more safety. Over the years we have maintained this vision, and Harol has grown into a manufacturer of innovative total solutions with an extensive range of roller shutters, sun screens and patio awnings. Still wholly-owned and led by Annick Draelants (CEO) and brother Joris Draelants (Technical Director).

Our vision extends far beyond Europe, where we spoil customers with tailor-made quality products and parts. With a constant focus on innovation, design and sustainability, we strive for a better indoor and outdoor life for everyone.

Belgian family business with global impact

Harol supports people in investing smartly and sustainably in comfort and well-being in more than 30 countries. Our innovative, tailor-made sun screens add extra value to any home, whether it is new construction or renovation. At Harol, we proactively tackle overheating in buildings and offer an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to energy-consuming air conditioning systems, thus contributing to a more sustainable society.

We also act as a reliable partner for construction professionals. We share our knowledge with distributors, assembly companies, architects and contractors through training and workshops. Moreover, we provide them with digital tools that simplify their tasks.

Sustainability as a top priority

At Harol, sustainability is of central importance, with care for people and the environment. It is an integral part of our DNA. This commitment is evident in our products that provide natural cooling and our extensive range of solar solutions. It is confirmed by international recognition from renowned architects and professionals, as well as by the variety of awards we have received. And you also notice this in the caring way in which we have run our business since 1946.

Own wind turbine

What you do yourself, you do better. At our site in Diest, we generate green energy with our own wind turbine. This results in an annual saving of approximately 3,600 tons of CO₂ emissions. Our entire company site runs on green wind energy, meaning that all our products are manufactured in an energy-efficient manner.

We save water every day

We reduce our water consumption and limit our impact on the environment by using recycled water systems in our production facilities. We also use rainwater as an alternative, which limits the amounts of process water we use to a minimum.

Almost 100% waste recycling

We are proud of our 99% recycling rate. By working closely with equally dedicated distributors and suppliers, we try to do more with what we have. Packaging is recycled and reused.

The Harol wind turbine at Harol's headquarters and production site in Diest, Belgium.

Working in a green environment

We work from almost energy neutral offices

Our energy consumption remains limited thanks to our nearly zero-energy offices, which are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. The energy we do use, comes from our own wind turbine. Our office building has virtually no impact on the environment. In addition, we have a green fleet. Our fleet consists only of hybrid and electric cars, which run on green energy. Anyone who prefers healthy outdoor air can lease a (electric) bicycle.

We work in a green environment

We make our outdoor environment even more sustainable and safer by planting trees and providing greenery around our new office space. This green environment is especially stimulating for the general well-being of our Harol colleagues.

Award-winning innovation and design

We have been developing high-quality products with an eye for detail for more than 75 years. For us, attention to the smallest details means the difference between simply ‘making products’ and ‘innovating with enthusiasm’. Every year, we introduce smart innovations that not only make our products stronger and more robust, but also more aesthetically pleasing. This dedication allows us to provide sustainable solutions that provide years of invaluable shade. Here are some of our recent recognitions and awards:

  • Harol Coolscreen: Winner of the Red Dot Design Award and Archiproducts Design Award.
  • Harol Coolscreen 8 Solar: Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Archiproducts Design Award and Sustainability Award.
  • Lux sun canopy: Winner of the Red Dot Design Award and Archiproducts Design Award.
  • Veranda sun blinds concept: Winner of the Z&R Product of the Year Award and nomination for the R+T Stuttgart Innovation Award.

Our way of working

From people, for people

Your well-being and comfort are central to everything we do. Our solutions are designed to make your life more pleasant, through energy-efficient products that let you enjoy even more. At the same time, we strive to reduce your energy bill and increase your comfort.

With enthusiasm

What we do is not work; it is a passion. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. We enjoy what we do because we love creating solutions that provide comfort. So that you are satisfied and know that you have bought the best of the best.

No-nonsense approach

At Harol, we are always honest. You know exactly what you get for your money. We guide you through the entire process, so that you can make informed choices and are always aware of what awaits you. Our no-nonsense approach ensures that your experience with Harol is transparent and problem-free.

Accessible in all areas

As your partner, we are always there for you. With our extensive dealer network, there is always a Harol distributor in your area. We are there for everyone who wants to invest in quality and in a solution that you will continue to enjoy thoroughly now and in ten years’ time.


We offer security with natural solutions that do not harm the environment. At the same time, we do everything we can to ensure that our own employees feel good and at home with us.

Craftsmanship with passion

At Harol, we strive to ensure that your investment in comfort and well-being goes hand in hand with energy savings. We achieve this thanks to our dedicated team of more than 300 professionals, each driven by the passion to create high-quality products. Every part that passes through their hands testifies to the determination to produce an even more sustainable product tomorrow.

Our colleagues, in collaboration with our installers and distributors, are the driving force behind our natural cooling solutions. They are the makers of products that not only improve your comfort, but also contribute to your sustainable story. Could this story also suit you?

Working at Harol

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