Sun protection

Screens or awning: which is better?

Sun protection: some swear by screens, while others are just as satisfied with a sunshade or a parasol. But which type of awning is really better? The answer to this question: that depends on your needs and your home, as all our sun protection solutions have their unique features and benefits. Find out in this blog which type of solar protection is best for you. 
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Screens: let the sun into your heart, but not into your home

What is a solar control screen?

A screen is a type of blinds installed on the outside of your window. It consists of a tightly stretched cloth that filters sunlight while maintaining an outward view. As the heat from the sun cannot penetrate, it therefore keeps the inside cool naturally, without having to stay in a dark, completely enclosed room. Screens can be built into the façade, but you can also attach them in front of the window. So that offers a lot of possibilities when renovating.

Built-on screen

Do you already own a house and want to keep the sun out of your home in a natural way? You can do so quickly and efficiently with a built-on screen, because it is placed in front of the window. So no perforation of the building envelope occurs. Because you can personalise its appearance, you can also be sure that the design fits your home. Sleek or classic, rounded or rectangular, with a choice of over 300 colours and a wide collection of textured paint colours.

Coolscreen solar

Want to go one step further in upgrading your home? With a solar-powered coolscreen, you choose a completely autonomous solution that opens and closes automatically when needed. Thanks to the combination of a solar panel on the box and a powerful battery hidden in the box, you can open and close your screen every day for 30 days, even in complete darkness. This not only keeps the heat out, but also saves on your energy bill.

Built-in screen

A built-in screen is ideal for a new-build house or major window renovation and is completely concealed in the cavity wall. As there is no perforation of the building envelope, there is therefore no heat loss. This is therefore very beneficial for the energy performance of your home. The almost invisible fabric guides and narrow bottom bar make this type of screen a real design highlight.

Surface-mounted screen

A surface-mounted screen is built onto your window, but is not visible from the outside. Only on the inside of your window can you see the box. However, because it can be finished in the colour of your window profiles, it is only subtly visible. This is a popular choice in new builds and major renovations because it has to be integrated into the architectural plans beforehand. This has its advantages: the cupboard is not only thermally insulating, but also soundproof.

The advantages of screens

  • High-performance external blinds that repel the sun and heat extremely well
  • A sustainable solution that requires little maintenance
  • For both new construction and renovation projects
  • Visibility to the outside is maintained (the darker the fabric, the better the visibility)
  • A screen ensures privacy as it blocks the view into the interior
  • It keeps wind and insects out
  • High-quality screen fabrics from highly translucent to fully blackout
  • Fits any architectural style, from sleek and modern to cosy classic
  • Various mounting options (in front, in or on the window)
  • Suitable for narrow windows and balconies
  • Provides wind protection, with the highest possible wind rating
  • A wide collection of high-quality screen fabrics

Awnings: consistent enjoyment, indoors and out

What is an awning?

An awning is a type of sunshade that is attached to the outer wall of your house. It consists of an awning fabric attached to an articulated arm system that you can fold in and out. Sun awnings thus provide shade on your terrace or balcony and protect your windows from direct sunlight, keeping it cool inside too. There are many different types of awnings, with their own design and specifications. In another blog, we already give you a clear overview of the features and main advantages of all our solutions. The core is always the same: a personalised, durable solution that offers you nothing but comfort.

The advantages of awnings and sunblinds

  • Shade creation on your terrace, with linkable systems up to 12 metres long.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays, comparable to factor 50 sun cream.
  • Customisable cabinet in different styles, so your solution fits seamlessly with your facade.
  • The possibility of automating your solution through sensors.
  • With durable, high-quality sun protection fabrics.
  • Energy-efficient solution to keep your home cool naturally.
  • Low-maintenance cloths that repel dirt.
  • Protecting your interiors so that your curtains, furniture and carpets last longer too.


Did you know that you can also equip our awnings with many fine options? So you can turn your terrace into an even more comfortable place where you can linger.

Cosy evenings on your patio

Heating: to stay outside indefinitely into the evening after a sultry summer day. Or on a colder day, when you still want to enjoy the outdoors.

LED lighting: with dimmable LED lighting, in the front frame, incorporated in the arms or as an LED strip in the cupboard, you make it extra cosy at night.

Sensors: to automate your awning so that your solution responds appropriately in wind, rain and sun.

Volant or vario-volant: so you still enjoy plenty of shade when the sun is low.

Lighting and heating

Screen or awning: which solution suits you best?

So while both solutions are very strong in keeping out the sun, it is immediately clear that they do not have completely the same function. Whereas screens are especially strong in their inconspicuousness and direct window protection, awnings also provide shade on your terrace with a high-performance articulated-arm system. So one is not simply better than the other. It all depends on what you expect from your awning.

Are you looking for a solution that keeps your home cool, but don’t need extra shade on your terrace? Then choose screens. Especially with windows (and especially with large windows) facing east, south and west, screens are extremely efficient. They prevent heat from entering your home. Moreover, you can still open your windows without sacrificing privacy. Screens eliminate the need for energy-consuming air conditioning. This is a real added value for the energy efficiency of your home and for the environment.


However, are you looking for a solution that also provides more comfort outside, through shade creation? Then a screen is probably not enough, as its effects are only felt indoors. Awnings offer that little bit of outdoor shade you are looking for, as big as you want. Our solutions are linkable up to 12 metres long and have a projection of up to 4 metres, depending on the type you choose.

Folding arm awnings

Combining sun protection for optimal results

Looking for a solution that can do both? It goes without saying that you can simply combine both forms of sun protection to make your home truly sun-proof. Our experts will be happy to help you find the perfect combination.

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