Terrace covers for a comfortable outdoor space

Cottage? For most people, that usually includes a garden, for the simple reason that you can just go outside whenever you feel the need. Living outside is healthy and nice. If you really want to be outside as much as possible, it is ideal to have a few cosy spots to fully enjoy yourself. On your terrace, by your house or in a pleasant corner at the back of the garden. Besides, you don’t only live outside in the summer. On the contrary: in spring, you often want to go outside as soon as possible at the first ray of sunshine. And even after the heat of summer, you still feel like dreaming away in your cosy outdoor cocoon. With our terrace covers, you enjoy your garden, terrace or the healthy outdoors all year round, whether it is 10 °C or 30 °C. 
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Your outdoor room: the place to be

You probably already have a lot of plans for your own outdoor room. Lovely, isn’t it? Dreaming away at the possibilities, so blissful. You can be sure that our patio covers will create the space you are looking for. A space you can design all by yourself, whatever its function. This way, your outdoor space can serve primarily as an extra relaxation area, but also as a place to isolate yourself from all distractions.

The most beautiful setting for a garden party

An extra room? That means: more room to celebrate. The perfect place to host a garden party is under your patio canopy. Think of a summer garden party, when you can seek the coolness of the shade at warm moments.  Shielded from wind and rain, fine partying together when it’s still a bit chilly outside…. No clutter or fuss in your home, just cosiness in your outdoor room.

A place to chill by the pool

Want your own pool house? Our patio covers lend themselves perfectly to this. For sunbathing, neatly storing away your things or simply enjoying a snack with your children in between games. No built-in pool? Who says you can’t have a pool house with a built-in pool?

An office in your home

Working from home is here to stay. For many people, this brings many advantages, but it is important to have a space that is adapted to your working rhythm. Do you regularly work from home? Then you know you really need a place where you can work in total seclusion and focus. This is also true for studying children. Our patio covers offer just such a place. A space in your home, but still closed off from your living space, so you can leave everything behind after a long working day. The excellent view of your garden is a nice bonus!

A multifunctional relaxation area

Maybe you’re just looking for more space and more outdoor air. A multifunctional relaxation space where you can carry out any plans. How about your own workout spot? A playroom or hobby room? If you choose a patio cover with sliding glass or wooden walls, heating and lighting, you will benefit from fun and relaxation all year round. Whatever that means to you!

An outdoor kitchen or additional dining space

Gourmet? Then, our patio covers are perfect for setting up a cosy dining area or outdoor kitchen. Just think of all those nice breakfasts and atmospheric dinners you can organise here. On balmy summer evenings, but just as well on chilly autumn mornings. By adding heating and lighting as an option to your patio cover, you forget the time of day and the season does not matter. Endless enjoyment!

Terrace covers in all shapes and sizes

What your outdoor space will look like? That’s basically up to you. The possibilities are endless. The first, most important choice you have to make is which type of patio roofing you choose. Our range includes folding roofs, pergolas, and slatted roofs. Each type has its own characteristics, advantages and unique finishes.

Folding roofs

Our folding roofs create an outdoor space whose roof you can fully open or close. A folding roof is usually placed against the façade of your house, but it can also stand alone. Sleek and slim or with a slightly more robust look: you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our range. With side screens, heating and lighting, you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round without any problems. From the first spring sun to the last winter shower!

Folding roofs


Our pergolas with their sunscreen fabric not only protect you from sun and rain, but also provide a nice place to sit. A real mood enhancer for your terrace, you could say. We place a pergola against the façade, on your terrace. Sleek and efficient, tailored to your needs. Even more cosiness? You can! With extra heating and lighting, you can create endless evenings. Atmosphere guaranteed!

Pergolas with roll-up fabric

Slatted roofs

Our slatted roofs are perhaps our flagship product. As the name suggests, these patio covers have a slat roof. With these, you control the incidence of light and air circulation yourself. Want to slide it all the way open? That is also possible with the Brera slatted roof. The slat roofs can be linked, making them perfect for large terraces and catering establishments. And thanks to the unique options, you can really talk about an outdoor room. Wooden or glass sliding walls protect you completely from wind and weather, and an ingenious drainage system provides even more comfort.

Slatted roofs

A terrace cover can be fully customised

You probably already understand that our solutions adapt completely to the function you have in mind for your outdoor space. You can also fully customise your patio cover. This way, it fits your taste and the style of your home while satisfying your wishes in terms of comfort.

Sliding walls

Want to be able to close off the outdoor space? Opt for sliding walls, which you can fully close or slide open. You can go for sliding glass walls, but wooden walls are also an option.


Keeping out sun and wind efficiently? You can do so with integrated screens. This prevents the room from heating up and protects you even more from harmful UV rays.


You can also completely merge the colour of your solution with the colours of your home. With more than 300 RAL colours and various textured paint finishes, you have more than enough choice.


Want to enjoy the evening a little longer or get extra warmth on cold days? You can opt for heating elements with your solution.


And to stay under your patio cover even after dark, we also provide the necessary lighting. For the early workers and the late enjoyers.

Pure indulgence under your patio canopy

Can you imagine having your own outdoor space where you can live life to the full? Whether for working, exercising, eating or relaxing: you give our terrace covers personality and your own story. We provide the performant and durable design.

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