Solar powered solutions

Our Solar solutions collect solar energy using solar panels and then store this free energy in a powerful battery. This energy drives the motors which open and close the roller shutters, without needing to draw power from the grid. This not only makes them environmentally-friendly, but also helps to reduce your energy bills.

Dedicated to sustainable innovation

Since 2010, Harol has been the undisputed pioneer with respect to solar-powered solutions. Thanks to our powerful solar panel batteries, our system is fully charged in just 3 hours, giving you around 45 days to enjoy unparalleled convenience. They can be effortlessly opened and closed even in full darkness. This is our successful response to the growing demand for green energy sources.

Biggest range of solutions

rolluik op zonne-energie

Solar-powered roller shutters

Solar-powered screens

Solar-powered veranda sun blind

7 reasons to choose a solar energy solution

  1. Easy installation
    No fuss with drilling or electrical work; our solar-powered solutions are quick and easy to install.
  2. Long-term quality
    You can trust premium Harol quality with a 7-year warranty on battery, motor and solar panel.
  3. Cost-saving
    Enjoy free solar energy at any time of day thanks to our powerful 2.2 Ah battery.
  4. Award-winning design
    Our solar-powered products not only offer functionality, but also sleek design tailor-made to your home.
  5. Local and green production
    Our solutions are manufactured locally using green wind energy, so you are contributing towards sustainable production.
  6. Environmentally-friendly
    Reduce your ecological footprint by choosing 100% green energy.
  7. Climate regulation
    Keeps the heat outside in summer and inside in winter to provide a pleasant climate.

Natural cooling from Harol, now more sustainable than ever

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Why choose Harol?

100% guaranteed quality

Our Belgian craftsmanship, accurate to the millimetre, is supported by over 75 years of experience, allowing us to continuously maintain the very highest quality standards.

Design awards

Numerous international awards recognise our persistent product development and constant drive for innovation, aiming to provide greater durability, comfort and well-being.

Customised solutions

Harol supplies 100% made-to-measure solutions, where every detail counts. Our roller shutters, solar shading solutions and pergolas with endless personalisation options can be perfectly matched to your wishes.

Full service from start to finish

Choose a reliable and transparent partner who offers professional advice, specialised installation and a robust 5-year quality guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.