Ultimate flexibility with a slatted roof

Are you looking for a way to enjoy your garden and the outdoors as much as possible? And would you like to create a cosy, atmospheric terrace and still be able to control the corresponding light and shade? Then a terrace awning with a slatted roof is the ideal solution. Singer Jaap Reesema and his wife Kim Kötter have chosen a customised slatted roof for their new home. This modern and versatile addition to the home offers various benefits and ultimate flexibility. Thanks to the slatted roof, Jaap and Kim can enjoy their garden with their children all year round.

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Flexible in all weather conditions

One of the most important benefits of a slatted roof is that you are protected in all weather conditions. Whether the sun is out or it’s raining, the slatted roof can be adjusted to suit your needs. Jaap Reesema and his wife Kim Kötter have chosen a customised Brera slatted roof from Harol. The Brera slatted roof is unique because it can be fully opened and closed. When you open the slats, you enjoy maximum light penetration. With one press of the button, however, you can shut the slats and protect yourself from the sun or rain. You create a shaded, covered terrace in the blink of an eye. A slatted roof is surprisingly versatile and gives you the option of enjoying your garden in all weather conditions.


“Thanks to the Harol slatted roof, I can enjoy the outdoor life, along with my family, all year round.”

Jaap Reesema

Flexible in fitting options

Harol’s slatted roofs are ideal for every garden or outdoor area. You can choose a free-standing construction, attach the slatted roof to your home, or even integrate it within the roof construction of an existing veranda. Jaap and Kim picked the latter option, to ensure the slatted roof complemented the architecture of their home. This connects the terrace with the house without requiring a permit for an extension.

Flexible in design

Harol’s slatted roofs are not only functional, but they also offer a beautiful, modern appearance. Thanks to the sleek slats and minimalist design, the Brera transforms every terrace into a gorgeous additional living space. Harol always offers customisation, allowing the slatted roof to be adapted to your taste and preferences. As well as different dimensions, colours and finishes, you can also expand the slatted roof in various ways. With integrated heating or lighting, you can sit at your outdoor table all evening. Want more protection against the wind? Then wooden or glass sliding walls are a lovely addition. Or choose sun screens, like Jaap and Kim. Screens not only provide shade when the sun is low in the sky but also offer greater privacy and keep small insects at bay without blocking the view of the garden.

Curious about the various options?

Do you want to enjoy the flexibility of a slatted roof? And would you like to find out more about the options for your home? Feel free to contact us to plan a meeting. We will be delighted to chat about your needs and see which solution suits you best.

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