Solar shading

Lux: an award-winning awning for carefree enjoyment on your terrace

Large in quality and sun protection. That’s how the Lux awning is described on the website. And that’s exactly what this awning is. This high-end solution creates the necessary shade, protects against harmful UV rays, and at the same time offers maximum comfort. Lux is part of the new generation of sun protection, where the keywords ‘smarter’, ‘simpler’, and ‘sustainable’ are central.
With Lux, you create an enormous amount of natural coolness: the awning provides up to 28m2 of shade on your terrace with a projection of up to four meters and a width of up to seven meters. Lux can also be coupled up to 12 meters, convenient for extra-large terraces or for your hospitality business. Need more shade? With an automatically operable valance in the front bar, that’s no problem. It can drop up to two meters, allowing you to block even the low sun.


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Enjoy carefree for a lifetime:

Shade on your terrace and a cool house: a guaranteed success formula. That’s what our awnings offer. Our new arm system guarantees optimal ease of use and maximum durability. Control with an app? Check! All-around LED lighting? Absolutely.


Simplicity makes choosing easy:

No matter the architectural style of your home, with Harol you choose from a thoughtful and clear range. Our awnings are fully customizable thanks to a range of innovative options. A simple, yet high-quality design and the use of high-quality materials are the perfect combination for a perfect product.


Sustainable across the board:

Our awnings meet the strictest quality and safety standards. Moreover, our solutions are sustainable and not harmful to the environment. Exterior shading is the green solution to keep your home and terrace cool. Responsible and natural.

Unique benefits

What makes the Lux awning so special? It’s all about the unique benefits this awning offers, combined with a refined design.

 LED lighting

With Lux, you bathe not only in luxury but also in light. You can stay on your terrace longer in the evening thanks to dimmable LED lighting. You can opt for indirect light in the casing and front bar, but also for direct light in the casing, in the arms, or both!

100% Belgian custom work

It goes without saying that Lux, like our other solutions, is 100% Belgian custom work. It is fully personalized and adapted to your terrace and wishes. The high-quality materials guarantee pure class. And with our own wind turbines, we create our solutions with 100% green energy!

Invisibly Wired Arms

The awning’s arms are invisibly wired, meaning no cables are visible. This makes Lux look even sleeker! Moreover, it has advantages in terms of durability: the arms last up to 25,000 cycles, which amounts to opening and closing the awning twice a day, for 25 years.

Easily replaceable fabric

The fabric of Lux is easily replaceable if necessary. Rest assured: this will not be the case soon, but when it must, it’s better that this can be done quickly and efficiently. The range of high-tech fabrics is water-repellent and dirt and rot-resistant treated, making them last long. Moreover, the fibers are dyed in mass, so they look like new for many years.

Integrated wind and sun sensor

With sensors, Lux makes life even easier: if it’s too windy, the awning automatically closes, although it withstands gusts up to 5 Beaufort. Does the sun suddenly appear from behind the clouds? Thanks to the sun sensor, the awning automatically rolls out again.

Integrated water drainage

Did you know that the fabric also protects you against light rain? The rainwater flows off via an integrated water drainage in the front bar.

Exceptionally high-quality material

Lux is constructed exclusively with high-quality material. Stainless steel for the fixing and extra sturdy aluminum for the casing and front bar. Moreover, Harol works with 100% recycled aluminum. The powder coating facility reuses the water and meets the highest environmental standards.

Awarded with prizes

That Lux is a top product is not just from us! The awning has been awarded no less than two prestigious awards that confirm its innovative design.

Lux was celebrated with a Red Dot Award in 2022, an international design award focused on distinctive products in product design, communication design, and design projects. Specifically, the unique and sustainable articulated arm and features such as an awning were appreciated by the jury.

Moreover, Lux is also richer by an Archiproducts Design Award. In 2022, this awning won in the ‘outdoor’ category. An international design competition aiming to recognize and reward outstanding design quality. A wonderful acknowledgment for Harol, as we also invest in sustainable innovation and unmistakably high-quality design.

With its minimalist design combined with maximum comfort, Lux has an edge. The awning is the result of an intensive investment in sustainable innovation. Think of the Invisibly Wired arms, the sleek lines, and the beautiful cubic casing. This allows the sun protection to be seamlessly integrated into minimalist, modern architecture and also into more classic homes.

“We are very proud of these awards,” says Annick Draelants, CEO of Harol. “As a pioneer in creating natural coolness, we like to distinguish ourselves with sustainable total concepts that blend into their environment. Aesthetics play an important role here, and these awards are a beautiful confirmation of that.”

Finished to the smallest detail

Mounting against the wall

The awning is elegantly mounted against the facade or ceiling. The distributed tension provides additional strength and safety.

Square, closed casing

The pure, square casing has a sleek look that really fits any construction style. Aesthetically, this awning will therefore surely match your home. The system is also completely closed and thus optimally protected against wind and rain.


Did you know that you can also add heating to your sunshade? This way, it remains pleasantly warm under the awning, even into the early hours!

Wide color collection

How about a neutral beige, elegant black, or striking green? Prefer a stripe? That’s also possible. You choose from an extensive color collection for the awning’s fabric. Moreover, the fabrics are optimally treated for an extremely long lifespan.

Comfort within reach

Lux offers design and comfort. Thus, you control the awning with a remote control, smartphone, or tablet. Moreover, you can connect it to your home automation, allowing you to set the safest scenarios.

And if that’s not enough to make you dream about our fantastic Lux, these images will. Can you already see yourself enjoying under this award-winning awning?

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