Turn your terrace into a luxurious outdoor room with a slatted roof

Dreaming of a luxurious outdoor room? Find inspiration in the pergola created for Jaap Reesema and his wife Kim Kötter. Last year, Jaap and Kim remodelled their dream house on the water’s edge. They instantly fell in love with the spacious garden overlooking a nature reserve. Thanks to a customised pergola with slats, Jaap and Kim have created a stylish outdoor room where they can enjoy ultimate outdoor living with their children when the sun comes out but also in less favourable conditions.

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Bring the outdoors indoors

Jaap and Kim wanted to create a cosy terrace so that they and their three sons could spend as much time as possible in the garden, all year round. With this in mind, great light and an open view onto the garden were essential. So, the slatted roof was the perfect solution! Jaap and Kim chose a customised Brera slatted roof from Harol, which can be fully opened and closed. This roof offers adequate light penetration and, with one press of the button, you can close the slats for greater shade or protection against wind and rain.

Luxury, customised outdoor room

The Harol slatted roof is built into the roof construction of the terrace at Jaap and Kim’s home. As a result, it feels like an extension of the house, without the fuss of a permit that would be required for a structural extension. With a unique design and the sleek lines of the Harol slatted roof, the couple have created a truly luxurious outdoor room. Harol’s slatted roofs are ideal for every garden or outdoor area. You can choose a free-standing construction, a ‘lean-to’ construction or you can integrate the structure into the roof, like Jaap and Kim. Harol always offers customisation, allowing your pergola to be designed according to your precise requirements. So you can enjoy a luxury outdoor room tailor-made for you.

Design and ultimate comfort

By choosing a slatted roof from Harol, you are combining design with ultimate comfort. With this Belgian manufacturer, you can be sure of the very highest quality and a robust product that will last for years. Harol’s terrace solutions can be expanded to include various upgrades for even greater comfort, including heating, lighting, wood and glass sliding walls, or even screens – Jaap and Kim’s choice. Screens not only provide shade when the sun is low in the sky but also offer greater privacy and keep small insects at bay without blocking the view of the garden.

Curious about the various options?

Want to enjoy the outdoor life all year round, like Jaap and Kim? Then choose a slatted roof and create a stylish outdoor room. That’s what enjoyment is all about! Want to find out more about the options for your home? Please feel free to contact us; our specialists will be delighted to chat about your requirements.

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