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Air conditioning and sun protection: a perfect match?

Spring is on its way, and with the prospect of longer days and warmer temperatures, now is a good time to think about how to keep your home cool and comfortable. While many people instinctively think of air conditioning or aircon, sun protection is a more sustainable way to cool naturally. Discover here why natural cooling is the ideal solution, what the advantages and disadvantages are of both systems, and how aircon can still be a good addition to sun protection.
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The difference between air conditioning and sun protection

Air conditioning and sun protection both aim to make your house cooler, but they work in completely different ways. Aircon regulates indoor temperature and humidity by distributing cool air. It’s an active cooling system that operates on electricity and can be set to maintain a constant temperature. Sun protection, on the other hand, is a passive hero. Think of sun awningsscreensoutside venetian blinds, or pivot arm awnings that keep the sun and heat outside in advance. We’ll take a closer look at both systems.

Sun protection is a sustainable investment for a blissful indoor climate. The biggest advantage of sun protection? It’s a natural, energy-efficient method that not only keeps your house cool but also lowers your energy bill. But in addition to keeping your house cool, sun protection can also provide:

  • Protection against UV radiation: in addition to keeping your house cool, sun protection also protects your interior against harmful UV rays.
  • Privacy and security: sun protection offers not only protection from the sun but also privacy and in some cases additional security.

Sun protection comes in various shapes and sizes and can be perfectly combined with each other. Discover our extensive range of sun protection options and get inspired!

Air conditioning

If you need quick cooling, air conditioning is an option. It can lower the temperature in your house quickly and significantly, providing an immediate sense of comfort during extremely hot days.

However, it’s important to consider that air conditioning, due to its electricity consumption, is less energy-efficient than other cooling methods like sun protection. Especially when cooling an entire house, this leads to a higher energy bill. The frequent use of aircon from the first warm days can also have a significant impact on your energy bill.

Air conditioning as a complement to sun protection

Preventing heat is better than curing it. But during heatwaves, when sun protection can’t keep all the heat out, aircon can be a valuable addition. It offers quick relief from the heat and can then keep the temperature in your house consistent. The ideal scenario is a combination of both: use sun protection to keep as much heat out as possible and turn on the aircon for extra cooling when necessary. So yes, air conditioning and sun protection can be a perfect match under these circumstances!

Looking for a sustainable way to cool your home?

Are you looking for an energy-efficient way to keep the heat out and enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature? Discover our sun protection at a Harol distributor near you. Our distributors are all experts in the field who will be happy to assist you with personalized advice.
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