Roller shutters

How energy-saving are roller shutters?

Roller shutters not only provide blackout and security for your home, but they also have an important benefit: they are energy-saving, both in winter and summer. In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of energy saving that roller shutters bring. We will look at the insulating function of roller shutters, the impact of materials such as PVC and aluminium, ventilation options, durability and other benefits that roller shutters offer. Read on to discover why roller shutters are a must for your home.
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Insulating function

Roller shutters play an essential role in controlling the temperature in your home. In summer, they provide perfect sun protection and can lower the indoor temperature by up to 8 degrees without additional energy consumption.

But shutters also have advantages in winter. They reduce heat loss from your home by creating a stagnant air buffer between the shutter and the window. This keeps the cold out and the heat in. Depending on the type of glazing, shutters can improve the insulation value of your home by 10 to 40 per cent, leading to savings on heating costs.

Our range also includes a super-insulating surface-mounted roller shutter (OB910 Thermo and OB910 Thermo Silensio™). This shutter has a U-value of no less than 0.50 W/m²K thanks to the new form of insulation in the box based on graphite beads. These scatter thermal radiation through an interplay of reflection and absorption, greatly reducing the transport of thermal energy in the material and consequently improving the insulation value. These surface-mounted roller shutters are placed directly on the window frame and thus together with the window. The ideal solution for a new building or thorough renovation.


PVC or aluminium?

The material of the shutter blade plays an important role in its insulating capacity. Plastic (PVC) is a good insulator and PVC slats have air chambers, which increases the insulating capacity. Aluminium, in turn, is a good conductor.

The less air permeability a roller shutter has, the better it can benefit from the stationary air column. It is therefore important that the roller shutter fits well against the window, for example by using joints or brushes in the guides.


Roller shutters not only provide protection from the sun, but they also provide natural ventilation. The slits in the roller shutters let in daylight and, combined with night-time ventilation via opened windows, they create a pleasantly cool indoor climate. In this way, you can safely let in fresh air while maintaining your privacy.


Roller shutters are also extremely durable. They last a lifetime and remain tremendously performant throughout that time: they protect your home from rain, wind and other weather conditions. This is made possible by using only high-quality materials and innovative Harol design.

Other benefits

Roller shutters offer other benefits that contribute to energy savings and comfort in your home.

Noise and light attenuation

Roller shutters provide good soundproofing and block disturbing noises from outside. They also prevent the penetration of harmful UV rays when there is a lot of sunlight. This reduces the risk of discolouration of furniture, carpets and other objects indoors.


Lowered roller shutters offer a sense of security as they reduce the risk of burglary. They can also be perfectly combined with (night-time) ventilation via opened windows. Various optional security accessories and kits are available, such as full-lift security, extruded aluminium boxes, security guides, security slats and security slats.


Roller shutters can be used in partially or fully closed position to create more privacy. You can also infinitely adjust the incidence of light to suit your needs.

Always and everywhere possible

Roller shutters are suitable for both new construction and renovation. There are therefore various installation options, such as pre-fitted roller shutters, pre-built roller shutters, built-in roller shutters and surface-mounted roller shutters. As a result, you can have roller shutters installed at any time. Nice, right?

Solar-powered roller shutters

Want to save even more on your energy bills? Then solar-powered roller shutters are an excellent choice. These shutters operate entirely on solar energy thanks to their own solar panel and powerful battery. They are weather-independent and can open and close the shutters twice a day even in complete darkness for 45 days. In addition, they offer premium quality and come with a 7-year warranty on the motor, battery and solar panel. Solar-powered roller shutters are available for all types of placements.

VR150 Solar

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