Outdoor living every day

Bridget and Rob have moved outdoors. Morning coffee, afternoon nap, early or late drinks with friends or even simply watching TV just the two of them; these are the sort of things they do under their Harol terrace awning. After all, the air is better outside. Outdoor, life is relaxed. And being outdoors always feels a little like a holiday.
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Bridget and Rob like to enjoy life, and are genuine nature lovers. They live in the countryside. You can see as far as the horizon, and the air is cleaner than being close to or in a city. It is the air that is so important to them. Certainly for Bridget, who works in her own petrol station during the day, and craves fresh air in the evenings. People should take more time to slow down. To simply enjoy being outdoors. Bridget and Rob spend a lot of time outdoors; they go jogging together in the woods, sometimes even before the working day begins. They take outdoor holidays and go on hikes. They soon plan to go on a holiday in a campervan.

It is all about slowing down

According to them, people don’t slow down enough. Just take it easy. Take time to do nothing, or do the things you want to do before you become too old to do them. Their Harol outdoor solution is an extension of their philosophy. During their construction project, when the idea to build an outdoor structure was born, nobody knew where to begin. Well, not according to the very specific requirements harboured by Bridget and Rob. Seven years later, the idea emerged again, and this time Harol provided the solution.


Everything is custom-made

And tailored to please the couple, who wanted to enjoy outdoor life in their own special way. Outside, they have installed a flat screen television against the wall, because this is where Bridget and Rob watch TV. There is also a designer fireplace, so ‘lingering’ even when it gets chilly, has become the norm. The attractive lounge suite can now be kept on the terrace, rather than being moved between terrace and garage due to the weather.There is integrated LED lighting, so the colour can be changed to suit the atmosphere. The entire project spans the space between the garage and the living area. It covers the full 10 by 6 metres. Even your shopping will stay dry when it’s raining outside. Useful if you use paper bags.

There are a few benefits that only became obvious after the outdoor solution had been installed

And this shows that there is still a small element of control in the Cosemans’ home, despite the fact that they are the most ardent supporters of taking it easy: mosquitoes, which are also part of nature. And it is now no problem to keep them out by simply letting down the screens before they can attack. Also, the sun may shine brightly in your eyes, or even scorch your head.

We are not exaggerating when we say that Bridget and Rob now lead an outdoor life thanks to their outdoor living solution with a slatted roof. For them, this has become a space to have brunch, a nap, or a party. Or somewhere to have drinks before going out on the town. The aforementioned activities are especially popular with their friends. Sleeping in the open air is still on their to-do list.

And the drying rack has not been moved. A covered terrace is perfect for drying your washing. Because, no matter how much you want to enjoy life, there is always washing that needs to be done. If there is one disadvantage to their new life, then that would be time. Because they lose all sense of time while they’re enjoying themselves.

As winter approaches, Bridget feels apprehensive, because soon they will have to live indoors. However, their Harol solution gives them a little extra autumn time. With the screens down and the fire on, their space is heated in no time at all.

At Harol, we like to fulfil the wishes of all our customers, even if they seem impossible for them. Would you like to have a terrace cover installed yourself? Then be sure to check out our distributors in your area.
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