Discover the benefits of screens for your pergola!

Escape the whims of mother nature and embrace the outdoor life thanks to a pergola or awning. Add comfort to your outdoor living solution using Harol screens and create an oasis of calm where you can find shelter when you need it. Whether you need protection from the blistering sunshine, high winds or irritating insects, these windproof screens offer a reliable barrier so that you can enjoy your terrace all year round. And if that wasn’t enough, you can now enjoy greater privacy too without compromising on the fantastic view of your garden.


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Why have screens on your terrace?

A pergola with screens allows you to enjoy your garden all year round, even if it is extremely hot outdoors or a little chilly, during autumn and spring, for example. The addition of screens to your pergola or awning offers a range of benefits that will further enhance your outdoor experience.

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The benefits of screens with your pergola

Protection against weather and wind

A fabric sunshade provides protection on your terrace against rain and wind, substantially improving the outdoor experience. The beautifully designed screens are both windproof and durable, so you can enjoy long-term protection. A ZIP system used in the screens specifically ensures their resilience in the face of high winds.



Greater privacy

The most valuable aspect of screens is, perhaps, the extra privacy they offer. Screens allow you to enjoy your outdoor areas without curious glances from neighbours or passers-by. You can maintain a great view of the garden during the day while limiting the intrusive views of others. With the screens down, passers-by cannot see under the pergola but you maintain visual contact with your garden.


Another advantage of screens is their ability to control insects. They form an effective barrier against mosquitoes and flies, so you are not disturbed while sitting outdoors.

Natural cooling

Protect yourself against damaging UV light, even during spring and autumn when the sun is somewhat less intense but is low in the sky and the UV index is high.


Easy to operate

The IO-control offers seamless interactive operation by transmitting and receiving instructions. With integration in home automation via Somfy Tahoma, you can control the position of the screens, even at a distance. Just one tap on your smartphone and the screens will go down. And, with the addition of a sun and wind sensor, the automated controls are activated, allowing you to remain protected from the elements at all times.

Mix and match your colours

When it comes to style and personalisation, you will be in your element as you can match screens to your specific pergola or awning. You can choose from over 300 RAL colours and various textured paints, all without a surcharge. Create your unique style to match your home and pergola.

Which types of pergola are there?

How should they be cleaned?

To clean the screens on your pergola, you should follow the same steps as for other screens. Start with the removal of any dirt with a soft brush and then clean the screens with mild, soapy water. Always make sure that the screens are thoroughly dry before rolling them up, to prevent stains or mould.