Roller shutters

Solar-powered sunshades and roller shutters

Harol is committed to green energy, which is why we introduced sunshades and roller shutters powered by solar energy. We have recently expanded this sustainable family with the Coolscreen 8 Solar, a front-mounted screen that operates entirely on solar energy. In this blog, you will learn all about our sustainable products and we introduce our new front-mounted screen.


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Front-mounted screen on solar energy

Solar-powered sunshades

The recently introduced Coolscreen 8 Solar is a front-mounted screen that functions completely on 100% green solar energy, thanks to the solar panel integrated into the installation box. This sustainable screen is equipped with a battery with a significant storage capacity of 2.2 ah, allowing the battery to collect sunlight throughout the day. In a fully charged state, it is possible to open and close the screen 2 times per day for 30 days. With a charging time of just 3 hours, the Coolscreen 8 Solar offers the flexibility to close your screens in the evening, all powered by green energy.

The installation of this innovative front-mounted screen takes place on the exterior of the building. This means that no additional electricity or breaking works are needed, making it suitable for both renovation and new construction.

Coolscreen 8 Solar 
Sunshades for conservatories and skylights

Harol also offers an innovative solution for conservatories and skylights in terms of sunshades. Thanks to our VZ080-ZIP Solar, you can keep your attic room or conservatory cool during hot summers, thereby avoiding extra electricity costs for energy-consuming air conditioners.

Just like with the Coolscreen 8 Solar, no electrical or breaking works are needed to install your sunshade.

VZ080-ZIP Solar
Benefits of solar-powered sunshades

By installing solar-powered sunshades, you can cool your house naturally in a completely autonomous way. Additionally, you enjoy a 7-year warranty on the battery, motor, and solar panel of your installation. You can thus enjoy your sustainable sunshades with peace of mind.

Solar-powered roller shutters

Roller shutters also form part of our sustainable family. Equipped with a solar panel with a large storage capacity, they operate entirely on solar energy. This allows you to open and close the roller shutters twice a day for 45 days with a charged battery.

You have the option to place roller shutters in front of the window, on the window or built into the cavity wall. Depending on this choice, additional electricity and breaking works may be required. But whichever option you choose, you are about to not only beautify your home but also elevate your comfort!

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