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Are black shutters a good choice?

If you are looking for a stylish and modern look for your home, then black shutters might be for you! The popularity of black windows and doors has made black shutters often the first choice as well. They create peace of mind for the eye! However, there are a few things to consider when choosing black shutters. For instance, they absorb more heat and can make dust and dirt particles more visible. In this article, you will discover everything you need to know.
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Why should you choose black roller shutters?

Black windows and doors are more popular than ever! Many people choose this colour when building a new home, and it is also often seen in renovations. Not surprisingly, black shutters are often the first choice. The colour usually matches the look of the house seamlessly. In modern houses, it emphasises the sleek look, while in more classic houses it highlights the robustness. 

Black shutters are therefore very beautiful! The neutral but striking colour creates unity. Especially when the cabinet, guides and bottom rail are also in the same colour, it creates a sublime result. However, there are a few things to consider if you really want to choose black shutters.

What should you consider?

You probably already know that the colour black absorbs more sunlight and heat. You quickly notice this, for example, when wearing black clothes on a hot day. Why is that? We explain it for you.

If you want to determine how much sunlight and heat is absorbed by a colour, you need to look at three important values: absorption, reflection and transmission.

  • Black shutters have a low transmission value. This means that the colour transmits less sunlight than white shutters, precisely because they absorb more sunlight. So light has less chance to penetrate. This means that it is also darker inside with black shutters.
  • So it makes sense that black shutters also have a low reflectance value because they absorb light instead of reflecting it. White shutters, for example, reflect more sunlight.
  • The absorption value of the colour black is fairly high. That means your roller shutter absorbs and retains heat from outside (and inside) better

This is advantageous in winter because your roller shutters catch and retain the sun’s heat better. So even less precious heat is lost! In summer? Then it’s a little less pleasant. Your black shutters store heat faster on hot days, which means they keep the heat out less efficiently than, say, white or cream shutters. Make no mistake: black shutters still keep the heat out very well, but generally do so just a little less well than light-coloured roller shutters.

To mitigate this effect, it makes sense to opt for aluminium slats. By the way, did you know that we also have super-insulating surface-mounted roller shutters in our range? These shutters have the highest insulation value on the market, which means that the effects of the high absorption value of the black colour are so negligible that you won’t notice any difference from a white shutter.

Solar powered roller shutters

Did you know that we also offer solar-powered roller shutters in our range? These are roller shutters that run 100% on green electricity thanks to a solar panel and a corresponding battery. You can open and close the shutter twice a day with a charged battery for 45 days, even in complete darkness. Now that’s efficiency! This type of roller shutter is available for all types of installation: in front of the window, on the window or concealed in the cavity wall.

An additional advantage of black shutters is that the solar panel can capture solar energy even better, just because black shutters absorb more light. Win-win!

Surface-mounted roller shutter

Dust is more visible on black shutters

White roller shutters and conspicuous stains do not go well together: it is logical that you are more likely to see dark stains and dirt on a lighter colour, but what many people may not know is that dust and small dirt particles are often more visible on black shutters. Of course, that problem is quickly solved with a simple polish! Although you will have to do that a bit more often if you really don’t want to see dust on your roller shutters. Do you want to avoid this? Then it’s best to choose anthracite or grey shutters.

The price of black roller shutters

Black shutters are generally more expensive than any other colour. This is because specific RAL colours often cost more. At Harol, all RAL and various textured paint colours are included in the standard price!

In addition, the choice of material for your shutters is also very important. Just because black absorbs more heat, it also creates more chances of slight deformation on extremely hot days. So it is really recommended to choose aluminium slats when you like black shutters, to ensure the durability of your solution!

Summary: the advantages and disadvantages of black shutters

The benefits

  • Black shutters often blend seamlessly with the look of your home, adding aesthetic value.
  • They offer a little more blackout, which for some people is crucial for a good night’s sleep.
  • Since black shutters retain more heat, less heat is therefore lost in winter.
  • Black absorbs light, making solar shutters benefit even more from the power of solar energy.

The drawbacks

  • Black shutters absorb more heat. Light-coloured shutters therefore keep the heat out a little better on hot days.
  • Because they absorb more heat, PVC slats are more likely to deform. So it is best to opt for aluminium.
  • Aluminium slats in turn affect the price: they make your roller shutters slightly more expensive, but even more qualitative.
  • Dust and dirt particles are more visible on black shutters. So you will have to clean them a little more often.

Do you opt for the handsome looks of black shutters?

There is no arguing about tastes, but what we can say with certainty is that black remains an absolute top aesthetic. It is a true top favourite and we don’t expect this to ever change. That usually also makes black shutters an ideal choice for your home. By taking into account the absorbing characteristics of the colour and the measures you best take for it, black roller shutters are perfectly possible for any home.

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