Roller shutters

Additional protection in various weather conditions thanks to roller shutters

In all seasons, weather conditions pose a challenge to our living environment, especially during the whims of April. Roller shutters play a key role by providing protection from autumn rain, winter cold, and summer heat. In this blog, we explore how roller shutters can offer additional protection during these diverse weather conditions.

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Waterproof material

Are roller shutters sufficiently water-resistant during rain or hail showers?

Modern roller shutters are often made from water-resistant materials such as aluminum or plastic. These materials are naturally resistant to moisture and prevent water from penetrating. At Harol, we strongly focus on these water-resistant and durable materials.

Additional insulation by closing gaps

When roller shutters are closed, the slats form an effective barrier against rain and hail. The slats close tightly together, leaving minimal space for rainwater to penetrate. This not only prevents water damage but also blocks potential noise from rain and hail. Additionally, the tightly connected slats provide an extra layer of insulation. This means your heating won’t have to work overtime during the cold winter weather.

Protection against moisture and mold

By keeping water out, roller shutters indirectly help prevent moisture problems and mold formation in your home. This is particularly important in humid climates, as mold can not only be harmful to health but can also cause structural damage to your home.

Extra privacy

In addition to protecting against moisture and rain, closed roller shutters provide extra privacy. The closed shutters prevent curious glances from passers-by, thus ensuring your privacy and providing an additional sense of security.

Barrier against wind in the home

Why should you close your roller shutters during strong winds?

Roller shutters also provide effective protection for your home against the wind. They act as a solid barrier, reducing the direct impact of wind on windows and doors.

An additional benefit is that roller shutters also protect windows from flying objects, such as branches, leaves, and other small items carried by the wind. This reduces the risk of damage to the windows, which is especially important during stormy weather conditions. Roller shutters can safely be lowered up to wind class 6, which corresponds to about 10 Beaufort. In a more severe storm, it is best to fully raise the shutters to prevent them from being damaged.

Additional insulation

Roller shutters also contribute to the insulation of your home. When closed, they provide an additional layer of insulation. They create an extra buffer against cold or against heat.

Additionally, they reduce air movement around windows and doors, thus limiting heat loss. This is particularly valuable in windy conditions, where cold wind could otherwise easily slip through openings.

How can roller shutters help in frost?

The combination of various functions of roller shutters offers effective protection against frost. They act as insulating barriers for windows, reducing heat transfer between inside and outside, and thus helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during cold weather conditions. Thanks to their tight sealing, roller shutters also reduce drafts.

An additional benefit is the control of condensation on windows, as roller shutters reduce the temperature difference between the glass surface and the room.

Heat-insulating insulation

Closing roller shutters in heat

The installation of roller shutters provides an extra layer of insulation during the warm summer months. This may sound strange, but it means that the cooler air stays inside your home. Thus, air conditioning systems will need to work less, so you will also have lower energy costs.

Natural cooling

Roller shutters act as an effective heat barrier, blocking direct sunlight on the windows and thus regulating the indoor temperature. As the shutters are mounted on the outside of the windows, they capture the sunlight before it reaches the windows. By creating this physical barrier between the sunlight and the windows, roller shutters promote natural cooling inside the home.

Natural Cooling
UV protection

Thanks to their ability to reduce harmful UV radiation, roller shutters also serve as protection for your interior. They prevent fading and damage to furniture, floors, and other items that would otherwise be exposed to prolonged sunlight.

More control over light entry

With roller shutters, you can control the light entry in your home at any time. Want to take an afternoon nap in the summer? With our roller shutters, you can make your bedroom completely dark. And if you are cooking in the kitchen and the sun is shining annoyingly in your eyes, you can adjust the shutters to precisely block the irritating sunlight. This flexibility allows you to adjust the atmosphere in your home to your mood and activities.

Convinced about roller shutters, but not sure which type to choose?

In this blog, you can compare the different types of roller shutters and choose the best one for your home.

Are you already fully convinced? Let a Harol specialist near you guide you. They will gladly come to your home for personalized advice and answer all your questions.

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