The slatted roof of singer Jaap Reesema and Kim Kötter

A custom-made patio cover with a quick and professional installation?

Dutch singer Jaap Reesema and his wife, actress and presenter Kim Kötter, chose the Brera sliding roof on the advice of their architect and Harol specialist. The ideal solution in their quest for cosiness and comfort. You can read about the installation of this tailor-made solution in this blog. 
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A Brera slatted roof for Jaap Reesema and Kim Kötter

A unique house calls for an equally unique patio solution.

Some time ago, Jaap Reesema and his wife Kim Kötter set about building their dream home. A place where they can enjoy beautiful family moments with their three sons, day in day out. That’s why they opted for a total renovation. This allowed them to think about every part of their house and have it custom designed by the architect. Jaap and Kim are real outdoor enthusiasts. To design their terrace, they called on one of our Harol specialists.

After all, our Harol dealers and installers are all professionals with years of experience and expertise in sun protection, roller shutters, terrace covers and pergolas. They think along with you in the interest of your home and ensure that you find the perfect solution for your needs while taking into account the look and feel of your home.

The installation process: from thoughtful design to rapid installation

The installation of a Harol solution starts with a good conversation. After all, good preparation is crucial if you want to deliver a perfect end product. For starters, the specialist always tries to find out what the customer really wants: what is most important? It was no different with Jaap and Kim. Above all, they wanted to be able to live and sit and enjoy their terrace in the open air all year round. They wanted a comfortable space to enjoy cool shade with their children on a hot summer day and atmospheric warmth on a cold evening. All with plenty of light and open views to the garden.

It is also necessary for the Harol specialist to see the house or the place where the installation will take place in person. This gives him a better view and enables him to give targeted and personal advice and to propose a tailor-made solution. In this case, the Brera model, a retractable slatted roof, proved to be the ideal candidate.

Unique benefits 

  • The roof can slide fully open and closed.
  • When sliding open and closed, the slats tilt.
  • Ideal for large areas.
  • Sophisticated design.
  • Rain and snow resistant.

Possible finishing

  • Integrated drainage system.
  • Dimmable LED lighting.
  • Integrated screens.
  • Heating.
  • Sliding glass or wooden walls.
  • Remote control or sensor control.

De Harol-installateurs zaten samen met de architect rond de tekentafel om te bepalen wat de beste aanpak was voor de woning van Jaap en Kim . Bij deze bespreking werd gekeken naar belangrijke aspecten zoals:

  • Ondergrond
  • Dakstructuur
  • Verankering
  • Dakafwerking

Op basis van al deze elementen en de wensen van de klant, werd gekozen om het lamellendak in te bouwen in het dak van het terras. Op die manier sluit het perfect aan bij de architectuur van de woning zelf en vormt het een coherent geheel zonder het gebruik van voetpalen. Omdat er geen voetpalen werden geplaatst, moest er voor de afwatering een aangepaste oplossing gezocht worden. In overleg met de architect werd de waterafvoer daarom onzichtbaar verwerkt in de dakconstructie en gekoppeld aan de afvoer van het dak zelf.

For a quick and competent installation

Thanks to the close cooperation between Harol’s specialists and the architect, the installation of the slatted roof went extremely quickly. It included :

  • assembling the skeleton;
  • lifting the slatted roof;
  • anchoring;
  • installing the slats;
  • adjusting the control system;
  • and finishing.

So you see: good preparation is half the battle! A lot of work, which was done without a hitch thanks to the expertise and experience of the Harol specialist. And Jaap? He is completely satisfied with his terrace. You can read more about how he likes his Harol solution in the next blog.

Would you also like a custom-made terrace solution that you can enjoy all year round? Ask one of our Harol specialists for advice and assistance. Find one near you.
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