Discover the benefits of solar shading on Global Shading Day

If you have ever come across the slogan ‘We believe in natural cooling’, then you have probably already heard about Harol. Harol specialises in developing solutions for cooling buildings naturally. Solar shading plays a crucial role in this by blocking out sunlight before it reaches the glass, ensuring the indoor area does not overheat. This is the ideal, energy-efficient way to regulate the indoor conditions in a building. Although this principle has always been important, climate change has ensured this type of approach has become even more relevant.

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Global Shading Day

Every year, on 21 March, together with the start of spring, we celebrate ‘Global Shading Day’. Although the word ‘celebrate’ may not truly reflect the essence of the day, as it is more about raising awareness. Despite our collective anticipation of spring and the first rays of warm sun, it is crucial to be more aware of the potential hazards of the sun, including skin cancer, overheating, reduced productivity and a range of other health problems. External solar shading provides a line of defence against these issues and offers an energy-efficient solution. Harol supports this initiative as a proud partner of ES-SO and Verozo. Our dedication to ‘natural cooling‘ is expressed in the solutions we offer and we do all we can to spread this message far and wide.

What should you expect?

Over the week around 21 March, manufacturers and dealers will highlight their solar shading solutions with a range of activities. We invite you to visit one of our dealers and find out more about all the advantages of our solar shading solutions. Whatever your requirements or the style of your home, we guarantee we can provide a solution that perfectly fulfils your expectations.

Why is external solar shading important?

You might be wondering why external solar shading is so important. Can’t you just switch the air conditioning on when it gets too hot? Air conditioning systems effectively regulate humidity and temperature indoors and have been shown to reduce health risks when used correctly. Incorrect use, however, such as setting the air conditioning too cold or failing to clean or maintain the filter, can lead to issues such as the circulation of dust and bacteria which, in turn, can impact respiratory health. And this is where external solar shading comes into its own. Solar shading prevents the space from heating up in the first place. And it does this without any significant use of energy so it is a win-win for both the environment and your wallet.

Alternative to air conditioning

Our planet is in desperate need of energy-efficient alternatives to traditional air conditioning. Scientific research from Guidehouse indicates that the use of dynamic or smart solar shading could reduce CO2 emissions by 100 million tonnes and save 285 billion euros by 2050, with an energy saving of up to 60%. The continued installation of air conditioners as a response to climate change and increasing heatwaves will only result in a vicious circle.

How our solutions contribute towards natural cooling

The mission of Global Shading Day perfectly reflects the core values of our natural cooling solutions. Harol continually invests in innovative, sustainable solutions for cooling buildings in a natural and energy-efficient manner. In Belgium alone, our roller blinds and solar shading already keep numerous homes cool during the summer months.

Our extensive range of external solar shading offers 1000 solutions for one sun, all perfectly aligned with your preferences and home. Screens protect your windows against direct solar heat while preserving your outside view. Awnings, sun canopies and pergolas offer shade where you need it most. What makes these even more appealing is the fact that our energy-efficient solutions use very little power. This makes Harol products both sustainable and environmentally-friendly, especially compared to traditional air conditioning.

Did you know that we have even developed solar-powered solutions which work entirely autonomously on solar energy thanks to the integrated solar panel? With a powerful 2.2 Ah battery, you can open and close your screen, roller blind or veranda sun screen for 30 days without recharging. This not only saves you money on your energy bill, but also contributes towards sustaining a beautiful, green environment. Furthermore, our solutions are produced entirely locally, using green wind energy!

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Global Shading Day – Want to join in?

Will you visit one of our dealers in the week of 21 March? Find a dealer near you, discover our sustainable solutions and find out how you can turn your home into a comfortable, cool sanctuary.

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