Global Shading Day: natural cooling through outdoor shading – now that’s sustainable!

‘We believe in natural cooling’. No doubt you’ve already come across this Harol slogan. Harol develops solutions that cool buildings naturally. Solar shading therefore blocks the sun’s rays even before they reach the glass and heat up the interior, and is therefore the way to protect the interior temperature of buildings in an energy-friendly way. This has always been the case, but the principle of natural cooling is becoming increasingly important every year due to global warming. 
With Global Shading Day, the shading industry wants to remind the public and policymakers that shading is absolutely necessary. Both on a human, ecological and health level. As a proud ES-SO and Verozo partner, Harol is happy to put its weight behind this initiative. Because Harol and the solutions we offer really stand for ‘natural cooling’ and so we do everything we can to spread this important message with the world. 
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Global Shading Day

Every year on 21 March, along with the start of spring, we celebrate ‘Global Shading Day’. Celebrate is perhaps not the right word, as it is actually mostly about ‘raising awareness’. Although we are all really looking forward to spring and the first warm rays of the sun, it is imperative that we are also aware of the dangers of the sun: skin cancers, overheating, reduced productivity, numerous health complaints … With outdoor sunprotection, you protect yourself against the disadvantages of the sun and do so in an energy-efficient way.

On Global Shading Day, we want to highlight the numerous advantages of outdoor shading specifically to convince as many people as possible of its outstanding benefits. Global Shading Day is an initiative of ES-SO (the European solar shading industry organisation) and Verozo (the Belgian professional association for solar shading and roller shutters), and is thus the result of a long-term, intense collaboration between experts in the field.

What can you expect? During the week around 21 March, manufacturers, local associations and distributors will highlight their solar protection solutions with information events and all kinds of activities. As a proud partner, Harol is only too happy to participate in this initiative. We therefore invite you to visit one of our distributors to discover all the advantages of our sun protection solutions. Because whatever requirements you have, whatever the style of your home, we are guaranteed to have a solution that fits you perfectly.

Why is outdoor shading so important?

You might be wondering why outdoor blinds are so important? Surely you can just turn on the air conditioning when it gets too hot? Air conditioning regulates indoor humidity and temperature. Moreover, air conditioning keeps humidity constant, if you use it properly. Research has shown that it is not unhealthy at all and has even been found to be useful in reducing the drawbacks on your health. Only benefits, right? At least, if you use it in the right way.

This is precisely where the shoe pinches: in many places, air conditioning is not used properly by, for instance, setting it too cold, or by not cleaning the filter sufficiently and by not maintaining a consistent temperature. All these things cause dust and bacteria to be blown around, which in turn can cause problems in your airways and thus your breathing. Especially hay fever sufferers and people with house dust mite allergies, people with chronic sinusitis or susceptibility to respiratory infections suffer, also due to sudden temperature changes.

But on hot summer days, there is no other option, right? Or is there? What about natural cooling through shading? With sublime technologies that block out the sun and grab the problem at the core? Outdoor blinds and shutters can’t cool down a hot space, but they just keep that space from heating up so much in the first place. And for that, you don’t even have to use a lot of energy. That, in turn, is good for the environment and your wallet. 

Our planet is yearning for energy-efficient alternatives to air conditioning. The Scientific research by Guidehouse shows that we could avoid up to 100 million CO2 emissions and save 285 billion euros by using dynamic or smart shading, saving up to 60% energy by 2050. Will we continue to install air conditioners to our heart’s content? Then it is estimated that climate change and the increasing number of heat waves will increase the number of buildings in need of cooling by 60 %. A vicious circle, in other words.

You could therefore call it Global Shading Day’s mission to ensure that solar shading is compulsorily integrated into our building standards. We are talking about sustainable systems for passive cooling that also allow you to regulate the amount of daylight.

How our solutions contribute to natural cooling

The mission of this Global Shading Day fits perfectly with our core value of natural cooling. Harol continuously invests in the production of innovative, sustainable solutions to passively cool buildings in a natural and energy-efficient way. In Belgium alone, our shutters and blinds keep hundreds of thousands of homes pleasantly cool during hot summers.

Roller shutters

With roller shutters, you not only keep the heat inside in winter, but also ensure that the hot summer sun does not penetrate through your windows. In existing buildings after renovation, but also in new buildings. Because our roller shutters fit seamlessly into any home and we have developed numerous options (front, flush-mounted, built-in and surface-mounted roller shutters), it is a solution that offers possibilities for every home.

Roller shutters

Outdoor sun protection

Whereas a Harol roller shutter is hugely performant, our sun protection range is even more extensive. 1000 solutions for 1 sun – you can read that on our website too. Because we know you can intensely enjoy beautiful weather and endless summer days, but also yearn for the necessary cooling. You therefore want a solution that fits your needs and your home. You can be sure that you will find the solution you are looking for in our range.

With our screens, you protect your windows directly from the direct heat of the sun while maintaining your view to the outside. Sun blinds and awnings provide plenty of shade where you need it, for example on your terrace, ensuring that your windows are never directly in the sun. Prefer a patio canopy? They too are bursting with sun protection benefits. You name it, Harol has it.

And perhaps the best part of the story is that our solutions use little to no energy to let you enjoy all that coolness. That makes Harol products sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, with no negative impact on the environment. Especially when you compare it to an energy-guzzling air conditioner and even more so when you already have solar panels or use our solar-powered solutions.

Solar shading

Solar solutions

For instance, we have even developed a number of solutions that run completely autonomously on solar energy by means of a solar panel: our SolarCool solutions. The powerful battery allows you to open and close your solutions for 45 days without recharging the battery. So you save on your energy bill and contribute to a nicer, greener world. By the way, did you know that our solutions are produced entirely locally and on green wind energy?

Solar powered solutions

Global Shading Day, are you in?

Will we see you at one of our distributors during the week of March 21? Find a distributor near you, discover our sustainable solutions and how they turn your home into a pleasant, cool home.

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