New screen concept combines functionality, design and technology

Harol presents Coolscreen, sustainable cooling 4.0

The European Polyclose trade fair held at Flanders Expo Gent is the Mecca for all manufacturers of the ‘moving elements on and in the façade’. As for Harol, the fair has traditionally been the place par excellence to unveil its latest innovations. 2022 is no different. And how! Without question, Harol Coolscreen is certain to be the eye-catching focal point at our stand: a new generation of screens delivering unique advantages for fitter and consumers alike. The sustainable cooling of the future is set to hit the market by mid-2023, but will already be available to be admired from 31 August through 2 September 2022 at stand 1374
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Obviously, industry professionals have been aware of this for much longer, but today everybody is finally convinced of the need for more sustainable, natural cooling by putting in place exterior sun protection devices on buildings, ideally integrated into the concept from as early on as the design stage. The biannual Polyclose trade fair is the biggest event for the window, door, sun protection, façade and entrance technology industry in the Benelux. No better place then for Harol to unveil its latest screen concept, which is introduced on the market under the Harol Coolscreen product name.

This new generation of screens is more sustainable than ever. First and foremost acting as a natural buffer against overheating, but equally serving as extra insulation during winter. In addition, there is minimal fabric wear courtesy of Harol’s optimised X-Glide Technology, the screens have a long service life and they are manufactured using 100% green energy. The latest technology innovations allow for installation configurations involving fewer parts. In short, the environment and consumers stand to gain on three fronts!

6 models, new features

The hi-tech Coolscreen sun protection screen combines the best of three worlds: smart functionality, sustainable design and powerful technology. Which produces greater comfort, less acoustic resonance, large shade areas, different levels of translucence and less energy consumption for consumers. Professionals, in turn, can rely on versatile ease of installation. All the more so as this screen was developed in part based on the feedback received from fitters.

The Harol Coolscreen is an integrated concept with six models which deliver a solution for any construction situation, whether new build or renovations, none of which involve perforating the building shell. For one thing, there is the traditional zip screen with a round or square surface-mounted box. For narrow window profiles and corner solutions, these models are also available with a cable guide. In addition, the Coolscreen with the surface-mounted box is also available for glass curtain walls, with the unique Harol ‘Protect Glass’ assembly profile which is secured into place with a single screw and as good as rules out the risk of glass breakage. Then there is a zip screen for new build homes (including passive houses and nearly zero emission homes), whereby the box is concealed in the cavity wall without a node.

For even better sustainability, a solar-powered version is available and finally, there is a model with atmospheric, dimmable LED lighting recessed in the box, which also increases security in, at and around the customer’s home.

The benefits at a glance

In terms of design

  • Screwless minimalist design of the box and guide rails with a bottom lath which is partially hidden out of sight inside the box (in the case of the Solar and LED versions, the bottom lath even goes completely inside the box)
  • No visible weld seam on the canvas at the bottom lath thanks to the new profile in the bottom lath
  • Ultra tight canvases thanks to a new zip guide profile whereby the fabric is consistently tensioned across the guide rail’s entire length
  • Model with atmospheric, dimmable LED lighting recessed in the box

In terms of comfort

  • High-tech canvas with glass fibre and PVC screen collections, ranging from translucent to full black-out for maximum natural cooling
  • Less acoustic resonance courtesy of enhanced Harol X-glide Technology
  • Large, natural shaded area, up to 24 m².
  • Can be coupled

In terms of technology

  • Limited number of parts, including just two sectional lateral guides, 1 bottom lath and two box models for a myriad of applications
  • Electric operation, bi-directional (io) or home automation
  • Securely stashed cabling courtesy of the Cable Control Technology
  • Easy assembly and inspection and safe transport courtesy of the Cable Control Technology and the Axis Control System

In terms of sustainability

  • Minimal fabric wear courtesy of Harol’s optimised X-Glide Technology. Longer system service life thanks to the Axis Control System
  • Tested at 15,000 cycles, which is equivalent to 27 years of opening and closing once a day
  • Compliant with wind class EN 13561, maximum wind class 3
  • 100% solar-powered model
  • All screens are manufactured at the Harol site using 100% green energy generated by our own wind turbine

Other new Harol products at Polyclose

With the further extension of the solar-powered range, Harol has the most comprehensive offering of solar-powered sun protection products in Europe. In early 2023, the solar-powered versions of the skylights, veranda sun blinds and built-in roller shutters will be available too.

In addition, Harol will be showcasing its new wooden sliding walls as part of the outdoor living solutions section, delivering more shade and privacy, new minimalist heating elements to make summer last that bit longer and a new terrace solution in Phoenix Free. In a nutshell: plenty of reasons to call round to see us at the Harol stand at Polyclose.