Modern patio covers for blissful outdoor living

Dream away in your own cocoon, savouring the outdoors. With a patio cover from Harol, you can sit outside in any season. It brings forward spring and extends summer, well into autumn. Does that sound like music to your ears? Then you must be curious about our modern patio covers that add value to your comfort and home.
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Gone stress and winter dip, hello sleep quality and health!

Regular contact with nature keeps our minds sharp and reduces stress. Even twenty minutes in nature can demonstrably lower your stress hormones. There is no need for active exercise, just being present in nature is enough. Take the time to sit, let nature affect you and forget everything around you. Now that is enjoyment!

That seems easy in summer, but what about cold winter days? Then it is all the more important. In winter, many people experience a dip due to the lack of sunlight and vitamin D. Contrary to what you might think, going outside is just really important. Being outside stimulates the production of melatonin, a hormone that improves sleep quality.

Studies even show that patients who had a view of green surroundings recovered faster and needed fewer painkillers. So a green environment actually has positive effects on the healing process. In other words, sufficient sunlight and greenery around you are inextricably linked to good health. And being outdoors thus offers numerous benefits for your physical and mental well-being.

Our patio covers create real garden rooms that allow you to enjoy the outdoors faster, longer and more intensely. Of peace and quiet, or just of lots of conviviality, together with others. Under a Harol patio cover, stories and memories are created to never forget.

A selection of modern patio covers from our range

Of course, you can always just sit outside to enjoy fresh air. But with a patio cover, it becomes even more fun. You are comfortably protected from cold and rain, sun and wind. Moreover, our folding roofs, pergolas and slatted roofs are beautiful to look at. They are completely custom-made and can therefore be personalised. So you not only choose the size and colour, but also decide which accessories are important to you. LED lighting, heating, sensors and sliding walls: these are just some of the possibilities. Curious about the most beautiful, modern patio covers that will give your home an incredible upgrade? We show you some of our favourite, sleek, minimalist looks.

Folding roof Phoenix Free

With a folding roof like this Phoenix Free, you can really enjoy freedom. It is an extremely sleek folding roof, straightforward. This makes it easy to install, as a free-standing eye-catcher or against your home to create a unique outdoor room. The folding roof is fully retractable, so you can let the sun shine in on cold days. Too warm? Weather the sun by closing the high-quality fabric and protect yourself from the harmful rays.

Phoenix Free

Folding roof Phoenix Air

Heavenly enjoyment. That’s how this folding roof is described on our website. We did not have to think long about that, because it is exactly what you can expect. The folding roof is very easy to install and looks wonderful. Unique in its kind, with a distinctive look thanks to sleek foot posts and arcades: Phoenix Air can be mounted against the façade, but can also stand alone in your garden.

Phoenix Air

Folding roof Nomo

Our Nomo patio is a fully horizontal folding roof system that lets you enjoy the outdoors even when it rains. The curved fabric profiles and the standard rainproof canvas guarantee good water drainage. The screwless design is beautiful and durable, and allows the patio to be mounted against the façade as well as free-standing in the garden.

For maximum light, leave the fabric completely open. Lovely, right? Moreover, the Nomo has super clean lines and a slim design, which emphasises the modern character of this patio.


Pergola Versuz

Surprisingly slim and high-performance, that is our Versuz Pergola. An elegant eye-catcher that lets you enjoy your terrace, pool and garden even longer. The Versuz is characterised by pure design, combined with ultimate comfort. The extremely sleek case and slender foot posts are extremely modern and give your garden a sublime look. The pergola uses an ingenious ZIP system that keeps the fabric taut for years. Moreover, the fabric always remains protected from wind and weather by the fully closed box.


Slatted roof Brera

A slat roof is a completely unique solution because it offers enormous freedom in terms of light. It comes closest to a veranda or an extension of your house because you can close the roof completely. The biggest advantage of Brera? Not only can you close the slats completely, but you can also slide them open completely or tilt them partially, so that you completely determine your own ideal incidence of light and air circulation.

So in winter, do you just want to let the sun in to warm up your outdoor room? Yes, you can. With wooden or glass sliding walls, lighting and heating, you complete the picture. Moreover, you can use sensors to control the position of the slatted roof fully automatically. The sober, refined look also goes perfectly with any style, from ultramodern to cosy classic.

Will you soon be enjoying one of our patio covers in your garden or on your terrace? Discover the possibilities at a dealer near you or discover all our patio covers online.