Roller shutters

Saving energy with roller shutters: the benefits and different types

Roller shutters are an asset to your home. They come in all colours and sizes, so there is a suitable solution for every home. In addition, they offer numerous advantages and help you save on your energy bill. But which type of roller shutters best suits your living situation and needs? In this blog, we share the different options and give you a price indication of the cost.
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Why go for roller shutters?

Are you unsure about installing roller shutters? Whether you are building, renovating your home or the old ones need replacing, installing new roller shutters is always a good idea. We’d like to give you some more information on why exactly so many people choose roller shutters and why they are such a good investment.

Roller shutters were originally invented to protect the home from the sun and from burglary. Now they do a lot more than that! We list the benefits of our Harol roller shutters.

Roller shutters

Investing in roller shutters: what are the benefits?

Additional insulation with roller shutters

Windows are the biggest weak spots in a house, as a lot of energy is often lost through them. Double or triple glazing are a good solution, but even then you feel the cold from outside on the window surface. Roller shutters are the way to protect your home against heat and energy loss. This is because they provide an extra layer of insulation by creating an air buffer (between the window surface and the outside). This extra buffer has a high insulation value that allows you to keep the heat in and the cold out in winter.

For example, it is useful to let the heating do its job during the day, and leave the shutters down in the evening or at night to keep the heat inside. Another option is to leave the shutters down already during the day, then the thermostat can even be turned down a degree throughout the day.

Moreover, the addition of shutters also improves the EPC value. This is because they contribute to improving the S-level of your home. This refers to the external envelope of your home. The lower this number, the better your house scores in terms of energy efficiency. Are you buying a home and want to carry out energy renovations? Then it’s a smart idea to invest in new, energy-efficient and durable roller shutters. They can make quite a difference!

A good night’s sleep

Because roller shutters provide extra insulation, there is also a lot less street noise coming into the house. So you can enjoy a quiet night’s sleep. Do you live close to a busy traffic road, for example? Then roller shutters are the way to ensure you are not disturbed at night by the disturbing sound of passing cars.

Moreover, you can make it extra dark in your home with roller shutters. So street lights and an early summer sun will no longer wake you up unnecessarily!

Saving energy with roller shutters

Another added benefit of the insulating effect of shutters is that you don’t have to turn the heating up so high in winter. You can even turn the thermostat down a degree. The same goes for cooling in summer. Thanks to roller shutters, or possibly screens, you no longer need air conditioning.

In addition, roller shutters can also be connected to smart home domotics and even solar panels. This way, they run on renewable energy and you have full control over when you lower and raise the roller shutters.


Do you sometimes need a bit more privacy and want to escape curious passers-by? Then you have the choice between two options: roller shutters or screens! These ensure that people cannot look inside. This also brings us seamlessly to the next advantage: protection against burglary.

Protection against burglary

Roller shutters help prevent burglary in several ways. First, they ensure that not just anyone can look in. That way, it is harder for burglars to assess what your home looks like and what valuable items you have inside.

A second element is that you cannot simply raise our electrically operated roller shutters manually. This is because they are equipped with a lift security system and extra reinforcement!

Because you can operate the roller shutters electrically, you can also connect them to home domotics. This way, you can operate the roller shutters from a distance. This is ideal when you are away from home for long periods of time. Because you open and close the roller shutters throughout the day, you create the impression that someone is at home.


Finally, Harol shutters are extra sustainable. Our mission is to ensure that we have a greener future. This starts from the production process and extends to the use of our products. At the Harol site, we use renewable wind energy generated by our own Aspiravi wind turbine. This green energy is used during the production processes.

You also choose durability and energy-friendliness with our products. Our solutions undergo many tests to guarantee their quality and operation. This means that you are buying products that will last for a long time! In addition, with our Solar roller shutters, we also offer a solar-powered solution.

Harol SolarCool solutions

If you already know Harol a little bit then you know that we are always striving for more. Towards more sustainable, autonomous and energy-efficient. Our SolarCool solutions* are the perfect example of this. These 100% solar-powered autonomous solutions have a solar panel installed on the front box or against the facade, combined with a powerful battery that automates the shutters.

We have developed the technology to the point where the solutions can be installed without any breaking or electrical work. This creates enormous freedom and possibilities. So even if you don’t have solar panels on your roof, you still enjoy the benefits of solar energy. For you, that means immediate savings on your energy bill.

The main advantages of our SolarCool technology

  • Your roller shutter is 100% solar-powered (with a solar panel and accompanying battery).
  • The battery opens and closes the shutter 2 times a day for 45 days (even in complete darkness).
  • Premium quality with 7-year warranty on motor, battery and solar panel.
  • RTS or io control to connect to the io home control system.

*The SolarCool technology is possible on these shutters: Surface-mounted roller shutter VR150 Solar, Flush-mounted roller shutters VR1000 Solar, Built-on shutter OB600 Solar, OB700 Solar and Built-in roller shutter IB Solar.

Which shutters to choose?

The types

There are different types of roller shutters to choose from. As sustainability is an important pillar for us, all our models are also always available solar-powered.

Surface-mounted roller shutters

Surface-mounted shutters are the most popular choice. They are fitted to any existing house and come in a variety of styles and finishes. Harol offers as many as 3 box models: straight-edge, bevelled and rounded. You can place the boxes on the window or in the window opening for a more subtle look.

Surface-mounted roller shutters

Flush-mounted roller shutters

This type of shutter is completely concealed in the cavity wall. As a result, no thermal bridges are created. Flush-mounted roller shutters are ideal for passive construction and NZEB constructions (Nearly Zero-Emission Buildings).

Flush-mounted roller shutters

Built-on shutters

Built-on shutters are installed together with the windows as one unit. In This way, the box is nicely incorporated into the external facade. This type of roller shutter is also barely visible from the outside of the house. Therefore, they are ideal for new buildings or major energy renovations.

Built-on roller shutters

Alu42 roller shutter slat

Choosing roller shutters is to choose security and energy efficiency. With the new aluminium slat, the ALU42, Harol is taking another step to meet these needs, without losing sight of design or comfort. Its new foam core, which is 20% more rigid than a standard foam core, makes the ALU42 even more resistant to wind and rain. The aluminium slat has 15% higher torsional resistance and an 11% lower risk of damage from hail when compared with slats with a standard foam core.

ALU42 is available in no fewer than 28 colours, making it the most colourful aluminium slat on the market. This broad palette allows the slat colour to be perfectly matched to the box, the home and the joinery.

What do roller shutters cost?

The price of roller shutters depends on several factors:

  • The type of shutters.
  • The number of shutters you wish to install.
  • Window dimensions.
  • The installation method: surface-mounted, flush-mounted or built-on roller shutters.
  • The choice of finish (material).
  • Technology: operation (automation).
Would you like to know the cost of your Harol roller shutters? Request a free, no-obligation quote from a Harol dealer near you. The Harol specialists can give you a precise and personalised price indication based on your requirements and home.
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