Sliding walls: the puzzle piece that completes your terrace

In spring, we long for those wonderful days spent outdoors. A terrace cover allows you to enjoy these days longer, even when the weather is not optimal. Have you ever considered adding sliding walls to your pergola? They are more than just a simple addition; they actually form the bridge between your indoor and outdoor life, offering a combination of privacy, protection, and aesthetics. Discover more benefits of sliding walls for your terrace cover here.


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What types of sliding walls are there?

Wooden and glass sliding walls, each with their own charm, offer both unique functions and common benefits such as increased comfort and seamless integration with the environment of home and garden. They are an essential addition to your terrace cover, where the choice between the natural look of wood or the clear transparency of glass mainly comes down to personal preference and desired style.

Regardless of the material, sliding walls enhance the usability of your terrace by offering additional protection against the elements. The walls are designed to be easily and efficiently operated.


Benefits of wooden sliding walls

Wooden sliding walls not only add an aesthetic element to your terrace cover but also enrich its functionality in several ways.

  • Extension of the outdoor season: thanks to their sturdy construction, wooden sliding walls offer protection against various weather conditions such as wind and driving rain, allowing you to enjoy your terrace for longer.
  • Privacy and ventilation: strategically placed slats ensure adequate air circulation while minimizing visibility, creating a comfortable and private space. Moreover, you are always protected against UV rays.
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  • Seamless connection: the sliding system fits perfectly, resulting in a streamlined and uniform appearance when the walls are closed.
  • Durability: Thermowood is an environmentally responsible alternative to tropical hardwood and an extremely durable material. The production process, which involves heating European softwood for a long time in an oven, not only improves the structure and lifespan of the wood but also ensures a minimal ecological impact.

Benefits of glass sliding walls

Glass sliding walls offer a different set of benefits, taking the openness of your terrace cover to a higher level.

  • Maximum transparency: the glass panels ensure an uninterrupted view of your garden while providing protection against the weather.
  • Flexible installation: with adjustable components such as height-adjustable casters, glass sliding walls can be easily installed and adapted to the specific requirements of your terrace cover.
  • Water and windproofing: optional seals enhance protection against water and wind, contributing to the comfort and durability of the sliding walls.
  • Easy maintenance: design features of the glass sliding walls, such as free drainage and easy cleaning of the bottom rail, provide a user-friendly and low-maintenance solution.
  • Customizable sun protection: you can choose built-in or mounted screens, perfectly adjustable to personal preferences and needs.

Benefits of screens

Did you know that wind-resistant vertical screens can be seamlessly integrated into certain terrace covers? These wind-resistant screens protect you from all sides. So, you can enjoy your outdoor room, even when the sun is low.

  • Wind-resistant
  • Protection against sun, wind, and rain
  • Insect-repellent
  • More privacy
  • Control over your visibility and light intake

Enhance outdoor living with sliding walls for your terrace cover

Are you choosing sliding walls for your terrace cover? Or a wind-resistant screen? The benefits are endless. Let a Harol specialist in your area guide you. They will gladly come to your home for personalized advice and answer all your questions.

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