These are the advantages of a slatted roof

The showpiece of your garden? That’s probably your terrace! Every spring you look forward to it: preparing your terrace for a vibrant summer full of joy. And after the summer? Then, unfortunately, it’s time to put everything away again. But what if we told you that you could get outside even faster in spring, only to leave everything in place after summer? With a slatted roof, you create an extra outdoor living space that allows you to enjoy your terrace even longer and more intensely. A living space bursting with comfort and benefits.
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Slatted roofs: luxurious outdoor living

Don’t look too far, a slatted roof is exactly what the name suggests: it is a patio roof with a roof of slats that you can open and close, allowing you to control the light on your patio. Although this sounds simple, it is anything but. In fact, our solutions are the result of years of innovation, which brings with it a host of unique features and fantastic benefits so that every epicurean can do exactly what he or she really wants. 100% enjoyment guaranteed!

The advantages of slatted roofs

Extra living space

A patio canopy creates an extra living space to your home. Depending on the type and options you choose, you can make the slatted roof as luxurious as you want it to be. The slatted roof ensures that you can sit outside blissfully in the summer, in the shade, but that you can also continue to enjoy the outdoors on cold days, protected from rain and wind. For example, you can integrate glass or wooden sliding walls, heating and LED lighting, so that you can stay cosy even in autumn or winter.

Natural cooling

On hot days, you especially enjoy the huge amount of shade that a slatted roof offers you. The patio covers have a maximum span of up to 35m², depending on which type you choose. Moreover, you can connect different modules to create even more space for cooling. By tilting the slats, you decide how much sunlight to let in and regulate air circulation.

Sheltered from rain and wind

Do you keep the slats fully closed? Then you get a wind- and watertight roof. Thanks to integrated gutter profiles, rainwater is drained via the foot posts. And by the way, did you know that our solutions are highly wind-resistant? Up to grade 9 on the Beaufort scale for a closed slat roof. Would you like to add a screen to your slatted roof? They are also extremely wind-resistant.

Fully automated

To make things really easy for you, we have ensured that our solutions can also be fully automated. Thanks to sun, rain, temperature and wind sensors, the slats are automatically tilted into the best position, so you don’t have to worry when you’re away. For example, when it rains, the slat roof automatically closes to keep your furniture nice and dry. Handy, right?

Easy to maintain

Thanks to the quality of the materials used, an ingenious drainage system and top-quality finishing, your solution will stay like new for years. Slatted roofs are easy to maintain and do not require much attention. With a maintenance kit from your Harol specialist, you immediately have the right products to get started.

Healthy and sustainable

Living outside a lot is healthy. So with your new outdoor room, you not only enjoy luxury but are also protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Do you place the patio cover against a window? Then you will also enjoy a pleasant indoor climate inside your home, making energy-consuming air conditioning unnecessary. By the way, did you know that a slatted roof has low energy consumption? The combination of numerous health benefits and savings on your energy bill is a nice bonus.

Expandable with options

Completely transform your terrace? You can expand your slatted roof with numerous options. Think of many options that make your outdoor room even more comfortable all year round, such as glass and wooden sliding walls, integrated and dimmable LED lighting, heating and wind-proof screens.

Flexible and customised

A Harol slatted roof is not just another patio cover. Each solution is fully customised, adapted to your family, lifestyle and architectural style. You decide down to the smallest detail what your solution will look like. From colour to slat type to the numerous, possible options. We ensure that the slatted roof fits seamlessly into your home. In short, picture perfect!

Focus on design and finishing

Our slatted roofs are not only hugely practical. They also look great! A masterpiece of design. The slender base posts, the wide choice of colours and the seamlessly integrated options truly amaze. After all, the eye wants something too and we make sure it does.

Continuous innovation

Our slatted roofs not only have their looks, they are also extremely high-performance. They meet increasingly stringent requirements in terms of safety, energy efficiency and comfort. Our commitment to continuous innovation means you can always be sure of the latest designs, techniques and materials.

Smarter. Simpler. Sustainable.

Ease & Excellence

A patio cover with app controls or all-round LED lighting? At Harol, we like to make it easy for you.
At the touch of a button, you enjoy beauty and comfort. The extraordinary quality? That is the result of more than 70 years of knowledge and experience.

Cool & Healthy

Harol patio covers allow you to enjoy the outdoors without a care in the world. These outdoor rooms bring not only coolness on your terrace or garden, but also to your interior. Even more, they offer you and your interior excellent protection from excess heat and harmful UV rays.

Mix & Match

Harol patio covers come to you in the form of three tasteful collections. Each collection offers numerous options that you combine to your heart’s content. Quality, ease of use and low maintenance come as standard.

Green & Sustainable

Choosing Harol is consciously choosing sustainability. Because with these patio covers, you create natural cooling without an energy-consuming air conditioner.

Which slatted roof system suits you?

So what distinguishes a slatted roof from another type of patio cover? The slats, of course. They guarantee a lot of flexibility and pure comfort when you sit in your new outdoor room. They are made of extruded aluminium and are up to 4 mm thick, depending on which version you choose. This ensures that the slats are extremely solid. Are the slats fully closed? Then the underside of the roof is also completely flat so that you always enjoy a nice, finished view when you sit under them.


The slats can be tilted. This allows you to control the incidence of light. Plenty of sun on a beautiful spring day or maximum shade when it gets hot in summer. With the slats closed, you also stay completely dry during a rainstorm. By tilting the slats very slightly, you can regulate the air circulation and obtain fine ventilation.


With our slatted Brera roof, unlike Opera and Vision, you can even slide the roof completely open. This offers extra comfort, especially in winter, when your patio roof is placed against a window. This allows the warm winter sun to shine in, creating a more pleasant indoor climate.

Our solutions and their features

Opera: out of the sun, out of the wind

The slatted roof Opera is placed against the façade or stands alone on a pair of strong, high-performance foot posts. The terrace roof exudes sophistication and has many options. With Opera, for example, you can opt for built-in, windproof vertical screens that are completely concealed in the foot posts. Comfort and atmosphere are key, and you feel it immediately.


Vision: refine your terrace

The slatted roof Vision is a treat for the eye. Its refined design is sophisticated. Superior even. The slender foot posts and sleek finish transform your terrace into a luxurious holiday resort where you can enjoy carefree every day. The modular construction can be extended infinitely, in length and width, and with the tilting slats you control how much direct or indirect sunlight you want.


Brera: just that little bit different

Our last, but by no means least slatted roof is the Brera. Unique in its kind because the roof is fully retractable. This gives you maximum light incidence, even in winter, when the sun can just about warm up your home. With a choice between the Basic, Superior or Premium solution, you decide how much space and luxury you invest in.

Ready to discover the benefits of a slatted roof for yourself? We are sure to have a solution that fully meets your needs. Download the brochure or visit a distributor near you.
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