Expand the success of your hospitality business thanks to a patio canopy

Looking for the perfect solution to expand your hospitality space? This is perfectly possible with the addition of a terrace covering, such as a pergola or awning. Harol has a wide range of solutions and additional options to provide your customers with maximum comfort. All year round. From pergolas and awnings to screens and heating elements. Curious about the various possibilities? We list all the options.
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Create more space for your business

Not enough space for all your customers in your restaurant or café? Or do you want to invest in a smart solution that makes your business a year-round hot spot?

Good news, because you don’t have to invest in a time-consuming addition at all. You can quickly and easily expand outward with the addition of a patio cover or pergola. That way, you can provide extra seating space, make optimal use of the surface area of your terrace and your customers can enjoy a cozy spot outside all year round. You can make the spring season start earlier, the summer last longer and make the most of the fall and winter months.

At Harol, we not only provide smart solutions tailored to homes, but also to your hospitality business. All of our patio solutions are fully customized and personalized based on your preferences and the needs of your establishment. They can be adapted to any style and building structure. We also have numerous (RAL) colors and finishing options to choose from. We list the different options you can consider when choosing the appropriate patio solution to extend your hospitality business.

4 seasons, one solution

The various options

There are several ways you can expand your business outward. This can be done simply by adding ample outdoor seating with chairs and tables. A quick solution that lends itself perfectly to the milder and warmer weather of spring and summer. Want to use your patio year-round? Then you can opt for additional shelter thanks to a pergola or patio canopy. Here you have a lot of different options to combine or extend. For example, you can choose a pergola with heating elements, glass or wooden sliding walls and a slatted roof or an awning equipped with LED lighting.

The various basic options

  • Slatted roof
  • Folding roof
  • Pergola

The various additional options for maximum comfort

  • Glass or wooden sliding walls
  • Screens
  • Heating
  • Lighting

Slatted roof: shade with a precision to within a millimetre

With a slatted roof, you transform any patio into a cozy outdoor space.

Thanks to the tilting slats, you have several options to make your customers as comfortable as possible. In summer, everyone wants to enjoy the nice weather on a terrace, but a burning sun on the head is not healthy and far from pleasant. The slatted roof comes with a remote control that allows you to fully open the roof, fully close it or you can also offer an intermediate solution by tilting the slats. Attention: slatted roof Brera can be fully opened and closed, the other slatted roofs cannot. You can also sleep on both ears in rainy weather. Our slatted roofs are equipped with an integrated rain gutter, so the water is drained away and your terrace and furniture stay nice and dry.

Do you want a freestanding structure or rather one that connects to the facade of your business? It’s all possible! The modular construction can even be infinitely extended in length, as well as in width.

Patio or folding roofs: the convertibles among patio covers

A patio, also called a folding roof, folds completely to suit your needs. You can open the roof fully for maximum light or close it completely in rainy weather. The fabric of our patios are extremely rain and wind resistant, withstanding wind gusts of up to 100 km/hour. Thanks to the curved fabric profiles, rainwater drains intelligently. You can have the patios attached to the facade of your business, but they can also be perfectly placed freestanding. In other words, our range offers both free-standing and attached models. For example, would you like to have a patio installed on the roof terrace of your business? That is perfectly possible.

Pergola: patio weather every day

In summer, you as a hospitality operator can enjoy the view of a crowded terrace. Thanks to our pergolas, you can now do the same in winter!

With the addition of extra heating and lighting, create a cozy spot, so your customers can enjoy a snack or drink on your patio year-round.

In addition, thanks to an innovative ZIP system, our pergolas are equipped with sleek, sun-resistant cloths. This ensures shelter from the sun as well as rain. Unlike a slatted or folding roof, the fabric of our pergolas rolls up completely in the cabinet. That way, the fabric stays shiny for years. When opened, the ZIP system ensures that the fabric is extra secure. This results in a sleek look and feel and also ensures that the fabric is highly wind-resistant.

Finish it off with…

Sliding walls

The addition of sliding glass or wooden walls creates the opportunity to adapt your patio to the needs of the season. In the summer, you want as much fresh air as possible to blow through the terrace. That way, your customers get the necessary breeze to cool them down and avoid the greenhouse effect of an enclosed outdoor space.

In winter, sliding walls allow you to close off the patio. This protects your customers from harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain. Because even when your patio is covered, customers can still experience drafts when the outside sides of the patio remain open.

Heat elements

A good heating system on your patio ensures that people can sit comfortably on the patio even in autumn and winter. In combination with sliding walls, you ensure a lot more heat retention and also the customers who sit further away from the heating enjoy the coziness.


Lighting creates a unique, romantic atmosphere at night. Ideal to brighten the dark days in winter or to create a cozy atmosphere on special occasions.

A smart investment!

By investing in a pergola or patio cover, you can enjoy a filled case all year round: inside, as well as outside! Thanks to terrace solutions, you make sure your terrace feels like a real outdoor room. In short, a smart and sustainable investment.

Our products are all 100% manufactured in Belgium with a focus on sustainability. Thus, we subject our solutions to a lot of tests to ensure that we can guarantee maximum user comfort to our customers. In addition, not only are our products sustainable, but we also go green during the entire production process!

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