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If you have been following us for some time or perhaps heard our radio spots, you have probably noticed. “We believe in natural cooling”. It couldn’t be further from the truth, because it’s a slogan we really like to spread. Wherever we can, whenever we can. Not because it sounds so nice, but because it contains an enormously powerful message that is important for you and me, for our company, but especially for the entire planet. We truly believe in natural cooling, because it is the only sustainable way to cool your home, office, shop or restaurant in an age when overheating is so ubiquitous.
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The need for natural cooling: a huge impact on our planet

The biggest challenge, every year, is regulating your indoor climate. In our increasingly hot summers, this is almost inevitable. Thanks to all sorts of tips, we keep it as cool as possible during the day and try to get the temperature down with night ventilation. Install an air conditioner, then? Every year, a striking number of air conditioners continue to be installed. Even now that it has long been clear that these hugely energy-consuming systems only harm the environment more and contribute to that vicious circle of global warming. Moreover, they are expensive to buy and take a huge bite out of your energy budget, especially if you don’t have solar panels.

Afbeelding ES-SO (bron): dynamische zonwering kan de voorspelde trend van stijgende behoefte aan airconditioning stoppen.

This is not what we say, but what we have learned from several scientific studies in recent years. Guidehouse compared the impact of solar shading with the use of air conditioning in buildings, and that yielded a huge number of clear insights. By 2050, the number of buildings needing air conditioning to combat overheating will increase by about 60%. This may provide a cool indoor climate in those buildings, but it has a lot of negative effects.



Image ES-SO (source): dynamic shading can stop the predicted trend of rising need for air conditioning.

But what if we invested in natural cooling instead of air conditioners? Then we could stop the growth of that number and have a huge positive impact on the planet, and the people who live on it. In this way, we could avoid about 100 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions between now and 2050. That’s the annual CO2 emissions of 22 million cars! 

Solar shading can reduce energy consumption specifically for cooling in Europe by 60%. That corresponds to the entire energy consumption of Spain.

Moreover, solar shading could save as much as 285 billion euros by 2050. That is comparable to the GDP of Finland and Luxembourg combined.



Image ES-SO (source): Ultimate energy savings of 62% in 2050 with automated shading in all buildings requiring cooling (preferred scenario).

The negative effects of air conditioning

Moreover, air conditioning is not beneficial to your health. We can best explain this to you when you imagine crawling into bed after a hot day. Is your bedroom too hot? With air conditioning, your bedroom will be fresh again in no time. But the ease of creating that cool bedroom comes at a price.

In your quest to cool down, the air conditioner circulates its cool breeze through the room. That cold airflow moves dust particles, viruses and bacteria, especially when the unit is not regularly maintained. But ‘everyone maintains their air conditioning just fine, right?’ Unfortunately, that is usually just not the case.

The result? An increased risk of coughing and sneezing, stiff neck muscles and an overall uncomfortable feeling. Bye bye, blissful sleep. The sound of air conditioning can also disturb your sleep. Moreover, some people find that annoying cool breeze from artificial cooling disturbing. It doesn’t feel natural because it isn’t.

Shading as preferred scenario

Solar shading works preventively. It keeps out heat and harmful UV rays before they enter the home. This allows you to maintain and even lower the existing temperature, allowing you to sleep and enjoy comfort without the possible negative effects of air conditioning. Unlike air conditioning, which only provides a cooler indoor climate, solar shading only has many advantages.

  • Awnings protect your interiors by preventing the sun’s harmful rays from entering your home. As a result, your furniture and textiles, for example, are less likely to discolour.
  • You increase your privacy by greatly reducing the view into your home. This is true with roller shutters and screens, but sometimes also with awnings and canopies. Especially when you choose a vario-volant.
  • Outdoor blinds block 85-90% of heat energy. The lower the g-value, which is the solar factor of a shading system, the more heat-reflective it is.
  • You control not only the heat, but also the light in your home. So you decide how much light you want to let in.
  • By choosing energy-efficient solutions, you will also save on your energy bills. 
  • It is even possible to reduce the EPC value of your house if you choose solar shading. With air conditioning, that is just the opposite story.

Natural cooling: endless tailor-made options

What can you personally do in our pursuit of natural cooling? Choosing shading instead of air conditioning yourself and being smart about all the other ways to cool naturally. Are you going to build? Renovating? Or are you thinking of some energy-saving measures or upgrading your home? Get advice from a specialist. Someone who can inspire and inform you about which solutions best suit your needs and home. After all, there are many possibilities, all custom-made.

Sun protection for your home and veranda

  • Roller shuttersto darken your home, but also enjoy their solar control and insulating properties.
  • Screens:compact, efficient blinds for your window with plenty of privacy and a sleek look.
  • Sun protection that fits any glassto also protect verandas and skylights from the heat of the sun.
  • Exterior blindswhich allow you to perfectly control the incidence of light and provide privacy.

Sun protection for your garden and terrace:

  • Drop-down awningsfor extra shade creation on your terrace and a fresher indoor climate.
  • Awnings and canopiesto create shade on your terrace and in front of your windows.
  • Slat roofsa complete solution for your terrace or garden that allows you to control the amount of sun, shade and wind and enjoy the outdoors all year round.
  • Folding roofswhich extend your home without sacrificing light, as you can fully open or close the roof fabric.
  • Pergolasto make your terrace even cosier, sheltered from sun and rain.

Natural cooling is the only responsible and energy-efficient way to fully enjoy your terrace and home. It prevents overheating, reduces CO2 emissions and provides numerous benefits. The combined use of automatically controlled external and internal blinds is the ideal solution for an energy-efficient building with a healthy indoor climate. It is the most effective, aesthetic and economical solution for today and tomorrow. Together, we go for a future where climate, living and enjoyment go hand in hand. Will you join us?

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