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14 advantages of custom-made roller shutters

More and more homeowners are choosing roller shutters because they insulate and increase the safety of their home. But did you know that roller shutters can do much more? After reading these benefits, you don’t have to hesitate any longer. We have made it easy for you and listed no less than 14 advantages. 
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1. Protection against unwanted visitors

Your house is built with solid materials. Durable concrete, reinforced steel and shiny bricks. The weak points? Your windows and doors. They could do with an extra layer of protection. Roller shutters create an extra barrier for unwanted visitors, thus contributing to the burglar-proofing of your home. It is even possible to make your roller shutters even more secure with specially developed security packages. This way, burglars really won’t stand a chance!

2. Guaranteed privacy in your home

You know the drill: you’re sitting comfortably in the living room on a cold, dark winter’s evening. Cozy, right? A little less cosy when you realise that other people will soon be able to enjoy your home. Have you turned on the lights inside? Then people from outside are looking straight in and of course you don’t want that. With a roller shutter, you really enjoy complete privacy. No one sees or hears anything as it passes you by.

3. Save on your energy bill

Did you know that your shutters are also insulating? After your roof, your windows and doors are where most of the heat escapes to the outside. In winter, you want to keep the heat in as much as possible. A cold winter night? Lower your roller shutters in time so that you can enjoy not only your privacy but also extra warmth. In our range, you can even find super-insulating roller shutters with insulation in the box. This creates the best U-value on the market, considerably reducing the transport of thermal energy in the material and improving the insulation value.

4. Acoustic comfort

Roller shutters not only insulate against heat, but also act as a barrier against noise. With a sound insulation of up to 39 dB, you are much less affected by street noise inside. Our roller shutters thus contribute to a good night’s sleep. Sleep well! By the way, did you know that you can combine our roller shutters with the Silensio motor ? It is quieter than any household appliance thanks to the soft start/stop principle.

5. Light control

And although shutters do their best work when they are fully down, sometimes it is nice not to close them completely. In winter, people often want to enjoy the sunlight for as long as possible, but a low sun sometimes causes annoying sunlight. By leaving your roller shutter partially lowered, you can therefore enjoy the best of both worlds.

6. Total closure

Do you sleep better in a completely dark room? It makes sense: sleeping in total darkness is good for your health. After all, it stimulates the production of melatonin. This is the “sleep hormone” that helps you fall asleep easily and sleep well at night. So your bedroom better be very dark when you need to rest. This is always advantageous, but if you work at night and sleep during the day, for example, you can hardly do without blackout.

7. Customised style and finish

A roller shutter is not like any other. There is therefore a huge choice of types and finishes. Especially if you have not yet built, it is worth checking your options in advance. There is a difference between built-on, flush-mounted, surface-mounted and built-in roller shutters: you can install roller shutters visibly or invisibly in the façade. Customise your roller shutters with a classic or ultra-modern look, choose from over 300 colours and a wide range of slats. The possibilities are truly endless.

8. Natural cooling

Scorching sun in summer? Windows are the biggest source of heat in the house. Once the sun gets in, it is difficult to get it out. This is the thermos effect. During the hot summer months, there is a risk that your house will overheat. This is not pleasant to live in and is also bad for your health. The good news is that roller shutters also act as sun protection. Windows facing east, south and west are particularly in need of sun protection.

As Professor Shady Attia, civil engineer and architect and professor at the University of Liege, says: “It is wiser and more effective to work primarily on external shading. Natural cooling through shading is a priority. This way you ensure that the sun’s rays do not penetrate the house. From a total cost point of view, including environmental costs, an air conditioner without shading is not really a good solution: it consumes energy and treats the symptoms, whereas outdoor shading addresses the root of the problem.”

Sun protection on windows facing east, south and west as a matter of standard practice

9. Excellent value for money

Roller shutters require a certain investment. This investment is well worth it as it has many benefits in many different areas. In addition, you can potentially save on other things in your home. For example, you no longer need functional curtains in your bedroom. What about an air conditioner? That’s also an expense you can probably save thanks to the sun protection function of your roller shutters. Curious about the price? Get a free, personalised quote now.

10. Full automation

Did you know that you can not only motorise your roller shutters, but also automate them? With Somfy’s io-homecontrol® technology, you can control your shutters remotely using your smartphone. You can define scenarios to achieve a certain effect at the touch of a button. For example, you can define a “holiday scenario” or a “bedtime scenario”. This makes your home even smarter and safer.

11. Low maintenance durability

Do you want to enjoy your roller shutters for a long time? Then some maintenance is recommended. This does not mean that you have to have the inside and outside of your roller shutters checked. It does mean that you should keep your roller shutters clean. This can be done very simply with a soft sponge and soapy water.

12. Long service life

The boxes and guides are made of robust aluminium and the slats are foam-covered for extra strength and durability. The slats are also protected from scratches by a special protective felt. This ensures that your roller shutters look their best year after year.

13. Completely tailor-made

Roller shutters are always fully customised to your home, your personal style and your requirements. An expert will visit you to measure everything to perfection. Are you planning to install roller shutters at the beginning of your building process? The architect can include them in the plans right away, so that you can benefit from the best possible solutions. And as already mentioned, you can fully customise your roller shutters, whatever your style is.

14. Energy-saving solution using solar energy: SolarCool

Our roller shutters are always a sustainable and energy-saving choice. But did you know that you can also opt for even more innovation? Our SolarCool solutions are solar powered roller shutters. These shutters run on 100% green solar energy thanks to a solar panel and an associated battery that can close your shutter up to twice a day for 45 days. Even in total darkness.

Saving energy with roller shutters: the benefits and different types

Harol roller shutters: a logical choice

And are you convinced of the many advantages? Iron-clad roller shutters are anything but old-fashioned. More than that: they provide lasting protection for your home from outside influences, now and in the future. The choice of a roller shutter can therefore be made sooner than you think. All you have to do is decide which type is best for you and your home.

Our specialists will be happy to help you in your search. Find a Harol specialist near you or request a quote directly.

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